How To Use A Rotary Hammer Drill – Some Important Tips

how to use rotary hammer drill Fi

Rotary hammer is an easy to use and simple power tool that has been designed to ease the masonry tasks. It is also known with the name of pneumatic hammer and it has ability to drill through multiple materials like wood, concrete, plastics etc. This is a heavy duty power …

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What is a Finish Nailer – Features and How to Use

What is a finish nailer FI

Finish nailers are also known as finish nail guns which are set up for finishing the jobs with aesthetics. They are set up for molding the wooden projects or nailing small trim boards without any problems. A finish nailer is used for nailing the finish nails to hammer through trim …

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How to Use a Cordless Impact Driver [Ultimate Guide]

Use a Cordless Impact Driver

A cordless impact driver is the powerful tool that should be a necessary part of your tool kit. But before that, it is very important to know, what cordless impact driver is and how can it be used for drilling? An impact driver is particularly designed to drive screws and …

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How To Change A Drill Bit – Five Easy Steps

Change A Drill Bit

Power drills are one of the most frequently used tools my anyone who’ve to work on plasters, pipes, wood, metals and other kinds of surfaces. Carpentry, remodeling, plumbing, woodworking and so many of other works would require a drilling machine. But what does drilling machine itself require to execute its …

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How To Use An Impact Wrench – Avoiding Common Mistakes

How to use an impact wrench FP

An impact wrench is known with so many other names like impact driver, air wrench, rattle gun, windy gun, torque gun etc. Actually it is a socket wrench that has been designed to produce high torque. It involves less user exertion because it keeps on storing energy in the rotating …

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