What is A Brushless Motor – Read Must Details About

Most of the people come across this term while looking for drills.  The general perception of cordless drills is that these are low in power. But brushless drills have entered the stage with the power of corded drill without sacrificing any convenience. what is a brushless motor

While searching through cordless drills, you might find that some drills have longer battery life, automatic load recognition, and enhanced power. Guess what! Those are brushless drills.  Knowing everything about brushless drills might give you an edge about choosing the right drill. However, it’s super tough to find everything about brushless drills at one place.

So, to help you out, we have crafted this piece with information gathered from loads of sources.

So, let’s charge up and drill right into the details-

What is A Brushless Motor

Yes, that’s the question most of the people ask when they come across the term brushless. So, let’s take a quick tour of the answer to this question-

When drill got invented, it came with a four-part motor system. These 4 parts were-

  • Carbon Brushes
  • Armature
  • Magnets
  • Commutator

All these parts work together to spin the drill.

In brushless drills, the whole design got changed. These drills kicked out the carbon brushes and commutator from their motors.

As a result, brushless drills can work more efficiently than traditional brushes reducing the friction. You’ll get clearer about this on the next part.

Brushed vs Brushless

Now that we got the basic idea about the main difference, it’s time that we go deeper.

So, brushless motors have these qualities when compared to brushed ones-

More energy efficiency

Friction eats up a lot of energy. And brushless motors mean low friction. As a result, the brushless drills can run around 50 percent longer than brushed drills.

Moreover, energy efficiency also results in more powerful drills.

More Responsiveness

Brushless drills have sensors in them. So, your drill will sense the task at hand. Based on the task, the drill will adjust its speed, power supply, and torque.

So, if you’re drilling into mahogany it’ll give out just enough power. If you’re going into concrete or metal, it’ll increase its power supply.

More Power, Torque and Speed Packing

Brushless drills can give up to 35 percent better performance than brushed drills. And this happens only because of low friction on the inside.

Easier Maintenance

Do you know what’s most irritating in brushed drills? Well, you have to change your brushes every 50 hours of use.

Finding the right brush for your drill might become irritating.

As our brushless drills have no brushes, you won’t have to die out tension about changing brushes.

Lighter and Smaller

Do you know that a brushless model drill is 25 percent smaller than it’s brushed model?

Well yeah. That’s true. As these drills have no brushes, these get more free space. So, companies use up this space and make compact drills.

It’s like you’ll get a more powerful drill with a smaller size.

Longer Life

You already know about the brush replacement fact. But that’s not all.

Brushless drills have low friction inside. And low friction means low tear, low wearing rate, and low heat.

We all know that heat is an iconic enemy of battery. So, in brushless drills, you get a better battery life too. And as the drill doesn’t get all heated in the inside, it doesn’t require air vents and other things.

As a result, your drill gets protected from all sorts of debris and dirt.

Price Difference

After all these advantages, it’s assumable that brushless versions are a bit costly.

However, if we consider the brush replacement cost and other hassle related costs, then it’s going to be pretty close.

Moreover, nowadays the pricing factor is getting out of the question. As more and more companies introduce brushless versions, soon brushed versions will be out of the market. Many have already been out of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do brushless drills last?

Brushless motors have an average lifetime of around 1000 to 3000 hours. Considering the heavy work of a drill, it’s safe to say that it’ll last around 1200 hours. So, you can use a brushless drill for

50 days continuously.brushless one?

Technically yes. But changing a brushed motor of a drill will be a hassling job. You have to open up the drill to the very inside and change some parts along with the brushed motor.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking over whether or not you should get a brushless drill, then we have an answer for you.If you are a regular user then we would suggest you take a brushless drill. But if you’re a homeowner and do drilling job once in a while, then we would suggest you get a brushed one.

However, if you’re a fan of small and powerful drills, you can reach for a brushless drill. But keep the price in mind.

Good luck and happy drilling.

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