Best Corded Hammer Drill Product Review – Top Picks & Guideline

Best Corded hammer DrillHammer drill is also known with the name of impact drill or percussion drill. This product is basically used for drilling in solid materials. Hammer drill is a kind of rotary drill that works on impact mechanism and it produces a hammering like motion.

This product allows quicker drilling in lesser time because it creates small hammer thrusts frequently. These little hammer thrusts allow drilling in firm/hard materials successfully.

Users can also turn off its impact mechanism to use it like a traditional drill. In a conventional mode, it can perform different tasks like screw driving. In market, different brands are offering hammer drills but finding the best corded hammer drill need some research and understanding of your work requirements.

Top Rated Product List for 2020

Best Corded hammer Drill Review

1. Skil 6445-04 Corded Hammer Drill

SKIL 6445-04 is a ½ inch hammer drill that has a very powerful motor. This 7.0 amp motor is quite suitable for tough applications. It has a ½ In. keyed chuck that has been designed to accept larger diameter bits. This is an ideal product for cutting and wood working.

SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp

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SKIL 6445-04 has a side assist handle that provides great support. In this product, the feature of variable speed trigger has been introduced which helps to accelerate the speed of this product from low to high. User may have more control over this product because of its 2 finger trigger that offers lock on option too.

  • It has a very powerful motor so it can be used easily for tough applications.
  • Variable speed triggers provide great control to the users of this product.
  • Side assist handle helps a lot in accurate drilling.
  • This is a suitable product for wood working and cutting.
  • This is a corded product so it cannot be utilized everywhere.

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2. TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer

TR Industrial TR89105 is a hammer drill that comes with a built-in powerful motor. The power capacity of this motor is 11 amps. The full load impact rate of TR Industrial TR89105 is 1800 blows per min.

TR Industrial TR89105

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TR Industrial TR89105 is a heavy product as its weight is 50 pounds. The dimensions of this product are 30*14*7 inches. This is an ideal product for drilling through clay, basement floors, concrete etc. it is also very effective for other tough surfaces. Concrete related tasks can be accomplished easily with this product. It has 6.5 feet long cord.

There are so many accessories that are provided with this product like ETL listed Jackhammer, 1 flat chisel, oil container, safety goggles, 1 hex pointed and suede working gloves.

  • This product has a very powerful motor.
  • This is an ideal product for tough applications even concrete related tasks can be performed very easily.
  • A lot of accessories are provided with this product so users do not need to buy them separately.
  • This is a safe and secure product.
  • This is a bit heavy product.
  • It is a corded product so it cannot be carried everywhere.

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3. DEWALT DW511 Corded Hammer Drill

DEWALT (DW511) is a ½ inch hammer drill that has a very powerful 7.8 Amp motor. This powerful motor delivers excellent performance and it also provides overload protection. This is a light weight corded drill which features variable speed control to allow user take control of speed depending on the needs.

DEWALT Hammer Drill, (DW511)

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DEWALT (DW511) facilitates its users with dual mode which includes hammer drill and drill for steel, wood and other masonry applications. This is a versatile product that comes with a 360 degree side handle that allows user to hold this product conveniently.

This is a light weight product as its weight is just 5.3 pounds and the dimensions of this tool are 12*10.2*3 inches. Users can easily avoid fatigue while working due to its light weight. Two-finger trigger allows the greater control to user over this product and they feel comfortable while using this product.

  • This is a very light weight product.
  • It prevents its user from fatigue during work.
  • This product has a powerful motor that provides excellent performance.
  • Variable speed is a promising feature of this product as it allows precision placement on work surfaces.
  • 360 degree side handle with a depth rod enhances the control of user over this product.
  • It gets hot after some applications.
  • This product is less powerful in comparison to other models.

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4. Bosch 1191VSRK Corded Hammer Drill

Bosch 1191VSRK is a ½ inch single speed hammer drill that offers a light weight design to its user. The light weight design of this product makes it an ideal tool for small drilling diameter applications. This product comes with a built-in 7 amp motor that offers high performance in comparison to other light weight products of its class.

Bosch 1191VSRK 120-Volt

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Bosch 1191VSRK has a 360 degree auxiliary handle. This product has a built in quick release depth gauge that enhances the movement range of this tool. Choice to select between 2 modes is the promising feature of this product. These 2 modes are hammer drill and drill only.

Bosch 1191VSRK is a compact and light weight product and its weight is just 4.1 pounds. The dimensions of this product are 14*11.8*4.2 inches.

  • This is a very light weight product.
  • This is a perfect product for homes as it can work easily on wide variety of surfaces.
  • It does not heat up when it is used for longer time.
  • It can work in dual modes that are hammer drill and drill only.
  • This light weight product has a powerful motor that delivers excellent performance in comparison to other light weight products.
  • Variable speed trigger allows the adjustment of speed according to user’s needs.
  • This is not an ideal product for heavy drill work.
  • It does not have a trigger lock.

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5. Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Air Hammer Drill

Ingersoll 114GQC is a handy air hammer that can be used for multiple tasks. It helps its user in cutting panels, fixing exhaust systems or in other type of repairs. This product is actually powered by the compressed air and it facilitates with 2-5/8 inch stroke.

Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

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Ingersoll 114GQC is a standard duty-air hammer that provides 3500 blows per minute. There is a quick change retainer in this product that helps a lot in swapping the chisels. It has a compact design and it is light in weight so users feel no fatigue during work. This product is made of alloyed steel barrel that adds the feature of durability in this product.

The size of this product is 4.1 pounds whereas the dimensions of this product are 10.3*8.3*2.3 inches.

  • This product includes 3 piece chisel set.
  • This product has a very efficient design as it has a quick chisel retainer. This retainer helps to quickly change the chisel.
  • It is a light weight product.
  • Ergonomic grip provides great comfort to its users.
  • This is a durable product.
  • It is not as powerful as the other similar products.
  • Ear protection is recommended to its users.

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Best Cordless Hammer Drill Review

1. Makita XPH012 Cordless Hammer Drill

Makita XPH012 is a ½ inch cordless hammer drill that is very light in weight. The weight of this product is just 4.0 lbs but it provides very powerful driving and drilling service to its users. In this product 4 pole motor is used that facilitates its users with 400 in.lbs of maximum torque.

Makita XPH012 18V LXT

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Makita XPH012 has two-speed variables so its speed can be adjusted according to the needs of hammer drilling and driving. It has a compact design and its length is just 8-1/8” long. Use of Lithium-Ion battery adds life to this product.

Makita XPH012 is a lightweight product whereas its dimensions are 17*5*10 inches. The ergonomic shape of this product helps its operator to avoid fatigue during work. In this product feature of LED is also available. This light increases the visibility of the working area.

  • This is a cordless product so it can be carried anywhere.
  • Feature of Led light increases the productivity of this product.
  • This is a lightweight product so user can avoid fatigue during work.
  • It is a 2 in 1 product as it works as a drill and driver.
  • This product is not suitable for heavy duty applications.

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2. DEWALT DCD996B Bare Tool 20V MAX XR

DEWALT DCD996B is a bare tool that has a powerful brushless motor. This brushless motor is great inefficiency and it provides up to 57% more run time as compared to the products with brushed motors.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill DcD996B

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DEWALT DCD996B is a durable product as it features nitro-carburized metal ratcheting chucks. It is quite easy to hold this product during work as it provides the facility of comfortable grip to its users. Feature of 3-mode LED light is also very impressive. It enhances the visibility of working area to a great extent.

DEWALT DCD996B offers 3-speed transmissions that provide maximum speed to its users. The weight of this product is 4 pounds whereas the dimensions of this product are 4*10*8 inches.

  • Powerful brushless motor provides great efficiency in work.
  • The 3-speed transmission is a great feature of this product.
  • 3-mode LED light enhances the visibility of working area.
  • Users can easily control this product during work because it offers a very comfortable grip.
  • A reliable product that is appreciated by the builders.
  • This product is not very heavy.
  • DEWALT DCD996B is a durable product.
  • There is no such con of this product.

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3. Milwaukee 2607-20

Milwaukee 2607 is a ½ cordless, compact hammer drill that offers three drilling modes to its users. These three modes are drilling, driving and hammer drilling so users can switch these modes according to the nature of their working. This product can even handle some metals because it offers 18-position clutch.

Milwaukee 2607-20

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Milwaukee 2607 has an LED light panel that is located under the keyless chuck. It restricts the formation of shadows and users can focus on their tasks easily. This product has an all metal gear casing so there is no issue of wear and tear of this product in case you drop it accidently while working.

Milwaukee 2607 utilizes Lithium-Ion battery and the weight of this product is 3.1 pounds. The dimensions of this product are 2.2*7.7*7.2 inches.

  • Multiple drilling modes make this product very useful.
  • Feature of LED light is very promising as it helps users to concentrate on their targeted area of working.
  • Lithium-Ion battery enhances the efficiency of this product.
  • This is a lightweight product.
  • All metal gear casing provides durability to this product.
  • Sometimes user may experience the speed shifting problems.

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How to Choose The Best Corded and Cordless Hammer Drill

This is a very important question that is frequently asked by the people. Well, first of all it is necessary to know that what is a difference between a hammer drill and a normal drill?

Normal drill or an impact driver is one that is normally used in simple fastening operations like screw and nails fastening. On the other hand, a hammer drill is used for drilling the tough surfaces like concrete or bricks.

There are two types of hammer drills

  1. Light Duty hammer drills: They have motors 6-8 amp.
  2. Heavy Duty Hammer drills: They have motors up to 7-10 amp.

So after getting a clear view about what hammer drill is, let’s now come to our main question that how to choose the best corded hammer drill?

You must keep in mind the following points while buying the best drill hammer for you.

  • Performance: Feature of performance matters a lot. Review your drilling needs properly and then select a hammer that will provide you the best drilling services.
  • Easy to use: A drill hammer must be easy to use. If it is more technical then users may feel difficulty while operating the product.
  • Weight: Users must pay attention to the weight of the hammer drill. A heavy hammer drill makes you tired very quickly and users find it hard to carry this product for longer times.

FAQ About Best Corded Hammer Drill

1. Can we use hammer drill like a normal drill?

Ans: Yes. A hammer drill can be used like a normal drill easily.

2.  What is the main use of hammer drill?

Ans: A hammer drill that is equipped with masonry bit, it can be used for drilling in stones, concrete, mortar or bricks.

3. Is cordless hammer dill better than corded one?

Ans: Cordless hammer drills are awesome but when you need to bore big holes in concrete, corded hammer drill can do this job perfectly.

4. Can a regular be used like a hammer drill?

Ans: No, a hammer drill facilitates the feature of regular drill but you cannot use a regular drill like a hammer drill.

5. What is the mechanism of hammer drill?

Ans: It works on impact mechanism.


So, there are a lot of hammer drills available in the market that has been designed to perform different tasks. You cannot go wrong with any of these best corded hammer drill. Everything depends upon your requirements. You have to select wisely keeping in view your working requirements.

Cordless drills can work amazingly and feature of portability is high whereas corded hammer drills can perform heavy drilling tasks perfectly. So choice is yours. Select wisely!!!

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