The Best Electricians Knife in 2022

It is definitely a pleasant experience to work with a good knife. A good electrician knife is always handy and it is made of a stainless steel material. People who have used the best knives, they will definitely agree with me that the people should behave wisely at the time of buying an electrician knife otherwise a bad knife cannot only ruin your day but also it makes your investment waste.

So here we are going to review the best electricians knife for the proper understanding of our readers. This article will truly enhance your knowledge about good knives.

7 Best Electricians Knife Review

1. SOG EL01-CP Kilowatt Electricians Pocket Knife

This is a multi tool that can be easily converted into the pocket knife and it also contains a UTP wire stripper that lies in its handle. This is an amazing knife and it is an ideal tool for contractors and the electricians. SOG EL01-CP Kilowatt Electricians Pocket Knife is a first preference of linemen too because of its 3.4 inch Aus 8 steel blade.

SOG EL01-CP Kilowatt Electricians Pocket Knife

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3 way wire strippers is a great feature of this electrician knife that makes this product more useful for multiple tasks. The weight of this electrician knife is 3.3 ounces and the length of its blade is 3.4*0.12 inches. The overall length of this knife is 7.5 inches. This tool offers a longer cutting edge and it facilitates more precision in the cutting tasks of its users.


  • This is highly durable product that makes your investment long lasting.
  • Pocket friendly knife that is easy to carry.
  • It offers a very sharp blade so you can easily cut through different types of materials.
  • This is a very safe product as the whole blade goes in when the knife is fold.


  • Some users complain that it is hard to deactivate and activate the blade. They feel that it is too tight.

2. Klein Tools 44005 Hawkill Blade, Stainless Steel

This is another pocket friendly knife that offers AUS 8 stainless steel blade. This is a high quality blade that makes all the cutting tasks just a breeze for you. Its lock back button makes this product more secure for the users as there is no danger of hurting is involved in opening of the blade.

Klein Tools 44005

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Pocket Knife, Stainless Steel Lock back Knife offers a very compact design so it is really easy to carry this knife anywhere with you. Its handle provides ergonomic grip to the users as it is made of nylon and it can easily withstand wear and tear at jobsites. The weight of this knife is 0.16 ounces. And the size of this product is 2-5/8 inches. This knife facilitates the single hand operation with its reversible thumb stud.


  • Lock back feature makes this knife more secure for users.
  • Highly durable tool that can bear wear and tear at jobsites easily.
  • This is a pocket friendly knife.
  • This tool facilitates one hand operation.
  • Nylon resin handle is really impact resistant and inserted rubber in this handle provides more ergonomic grip to its users.


  • There is no such con of this knife. Some users are just concerned about its price that is a bit high.

3. Electrician’s Pocket Knife Klein Tools 44201

Electrician’s Pocket Knife Klein Tools 44201is a great knife that offers three wire stripper notches on its blade so it does not only facilitate the stripping of wires but also it is used for performing a variety of tasks on the jobsite. Its sharp blade is highly durable and you can use this tool for a couple of years without experiencing any trouble in its performance.

Electricians Pocket Knife Klein Tools 44201

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Its handle is made of aluminum that is corrosion resistant. This knife is readily available for work because of its pocket clip. The weight of this tool is 3.2 ounces and the other dimensions of this knife are 9.5*4.5*0.7 inches. You can securely open this knife because there is a side lock that makes it sure that the knife will be opened safely in this direction.


  • Its sharp razor has an ability to cut through the hardest materials and wires in no time.
  • This product will last longer as its blade is made of highly durable material.
  • It is easy to handle cutting tasks with this knife because it is very light in weight and you can carry it without any trouble during work.


  • Its pocket clip is a bit loose. So it may fall from your pocket anywhere.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife offers stainless steel construction. This 3.5 inch long Electrician knife is an ideal tool not only for professionals but also it is good for hobbyists who want to perform many tasks by themselves.

Victorinox Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife

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This knife comes with an engraving panel that is located on its back and this feature makes it more useful for people. This is a multi functional tool as it accumulates so many features in it like it offers electrician’s blade, knife blade, wire stripper, screw driver, wire scrapper, bottle opener and reamer. Its blades are made of Stainless steel and its bushings and brass rivets greatly help to keep the layers of knife together. This is a versatile knife that you can carry easily in your pocket.


  • This is compact in size yet it is a sturdy product.
  • Right size product that is highly portable.
  • Feature of versatility is high.
  • There is no fear of scratches.


  • There is no blade lock so it is a bit unsafe.
  • It is a bit hard to pull the blades.

5. SOG Tactical Folding Knife FF25-CP

SOG Tactical Folding Knife (FF25-CP) is a pocket friendly product that really serves you as a secure knife. This is an ideal tool for firefighters, paramedics and SWAT team. This is an amazing knife that has a cutting groove.

SOG Tactical Folding Knife

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This cutting groove can cut lines, seatbelts and wires. Under the handle of this knife, there is a wire stripper, extra line cutter blade and a glass breaker. SOG Tactical Folding Knife (FF25-CP) allows the single handed opening and there is a lock back button too that secures the blade of this knife when it is deployed. The weight of this knife is 4.8 ounces and the other dimensions of this knife are 12.2*4.5*1.1 inches. Its 3.4 inch stainless steel blade is very powerful for the jobsite tasks. The feature of reversible low-carry clip is also worth-mentioning here.


  • A pocket friendly versatile knife that accumulates so many features at a single place.
  • It has a black stainless steel blade that is corrosion resistant.
  • It becomes really compact in size after folding.
  • Single handed opening of knife is possible.
  • This is not a heavy knife.


  • This product is not spring assisted so some users complain about its opening system.
  • Some people complain about its lock system too.

6. Cable Splicer’s Knife, 6-1/2-Inch Klein Tools 44200

Cable Splicer’s Knife is a specially designed knife because it comes with a short blade but it offers a heavy duty handle that provides very strong grip to its users. The blade is made of the super quality steel and it has been carefully tempered and designed so that it could hold the edge properly.

Klein Tools 44200

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Cable Splicer’s Knife is not so heavy. Its weight is just 2.4 ounces whereas the other dimensions of this knife are 10*10*10. Heavy duty handle provides the ergonomic grip to its users. There is a hang hole at the end of its handle so it is really easy to store this knife.


  • Sharp razor has an ability to cut through the toughest materials.
  • This is a pocket friendly knife that is easy to carry everywhere.
  • Strong and heavy duty handle allows you a strong grip even when your hands are sweaty.
  • It provides precise output to its users.
  • This product is very secure from shock.
  • Such a light weight knife that is really easy to hold in hands for longer times.
  • Super quality blade makes your work very easy for you.


  • This is such a nice tool that does not have any con.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife is a really versatile tool that accumulates multiple functions in a single knife-like key ring, tweezers, and nail file with screwdriver, scissors, toothpick and 1.25-inch blade. These features make this product suitable for every adventure.

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This is a long-lasting knife that offers Stainless steel construction. This knife is enclosed in ABS scales that are perfectly polished and enhance the feature of the durability of this knife. You can easily keep it in your purse; pocket or you can make it a part of your key chain. The weight of this knife is 0.74 oz and the length and height of this tool is 2.25 inch and .354 inch respectively.


  • Such a compact knife that is easy to carry in your purse or pocket. You can attach it with your key chain too.
  • Highly durable product that is prepared with Swiss-made stainless steel.
  • Feature of portability is really high.
  • Manufacturers offer the lifetime guarantee that is great.
  • Price is also very reasonable.


  • Some users claim that it is not suitable for heavy duty tasks.

How do you sharpen an electrician knife

Electrician knives are a must-have for any tradesman or professional. They are extremely sharp and can easily cut through most materials. However, like any knife, they need to be properly sharpened in order to stay operational and effective. Following are several ways in which an electrician knife can be sharpened

1. Use a honing rod 

A honing rod is a small, handheld device that can be used to sharpen electrician knives. By using a honing rod, you can ensure that your electrician knife is razor-sharp and ready to tackle any job.

2. Use a sharpening stone

A sharpening stone is a handheld device that can be used to sharpen electrician knives. Electrician knives are designed to be sharpened on a sharpening stone. The process of sharpening an electrician knife on a sharpening stone is the same as sharpening any other type of knife. The only difference is that electrician knives are typically made from harder materials, which makes them more difficult to sharpen.

3. Use a whetstone

Electrician knives are sharpened using a whetstone. This is because an electrician’s knife needs to be razor-sharp for the best performance. It is important to keep the blade sharp so that it can cut through materials easily.

4. Use a jigsaw

Electricians use a variety of knives to complete their work. A jigsaw sharpener can sharpen an electrician knife to the same level of sharpness as a standard knife.

Features to consider for best electrician knife

The main function of an electrician knife is to minimize the possibility of an electric shock but it can be used for a variety of other functions. An electrician knife is also used for stripping or cutting cables, opening of packages or slicing of equipment boxes and cutting of insulations or electrical tapes. Electricians can select a pocket knife or utility knife; it depends upon their work requirement. Here, we will discuss some important features to consider for best electrician knife so that you can make a well informed purchase.


The most important factor that cannot be ignored is the size of the knife. As an electrician, if you have to hold the knife for the whole day, it should be light weight and small: otherwise, your arms will be tired and you will not be able to focus on your job. Its ideal weight should be from 3 to 5 ounce. Some heavier knives are also available for electricians. So do not forget to consider the size and weight of the knife before purchasing it. If you are concerned about the length of the blade, a 3 inch blade is the most suitable option for day to day use.

Blade material

Let us talk about another feature that is the material of the blade. It is very important to know which material is used in its making because it decides the toughness, hardness and edge preservation qualities of a knife. Moreover, it can stay with you for longer and you do not need to spend money time and again on it. If it is composed of premium quality carbon steel, this is the best thing to maintain its sharpness, but somehow, it can be rusted and discolored.

On the other hand, if you choose a blade that is engineered with stainless steel, this is the better option as it will not be rusted. In addition, ceramic is a sturdy material but it can be easily damaged as compared to other materials.

Material of the handle

As far as, material of the handle is concerned, it should be soft as you have to hold the knife for long intervals. A good handle has a rough texture that provides solid grip.

Style of blade

There are two types of knives: fixed and foldable. Former ones are thick and short, electricians can place them easily in their pockets. Fixed knives are longer and thin, if you want to use knife on daily basis, then foldable knives are more convenient. For fixed knives, you may need a box to carry them around.

Types of blades

Plenty of blades are available for electrician’s knife. Each blade has a different application so it is very important for electricians to know, how one blade differs from the other one and which blade is the most appropriate option for which purpose. Some general type of blades are Sheeps foot Blade, Coping Blade, Spear Point Blade and Hawkbill/Pruner Blade. Moreover, always try to buy a knife that can be used for many applications, it will save your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is electricians knife a tool

Electricians knife is a tool that is used by electricians in order to complete various tasks. It can be used for cutting wires, dismantling electrical equipment, and other similar purposes.

What is an electrician’s knife used for

An electrician’s knife is a specialized tool used for various electrical tasks, such as making connections and repairs. It is also often used to cut wires and other materials.

Do electricians use knives

Electricians use knives to cut wires, cables, and other materials while working. Knives are also used to make repairs on electrical systems.


In market, varieties of electrician knives are available and these are used for different tasks accordingly. Before making any purchase, you must always research well so that you can buy the best item within your budget. Always consider your work requirement and what you will be using this knife for. What kind of blade you need and which handle style is more appropriate for your grip and how you can ensure your safety while working. Only right tools can ensure your safety and you can finish off tasks efficiently.

I am Richard Ervin, a professional mechanical engineer with a degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have been fortunate enough to have been raised in the world of engineering, thanks to my father who owned an electrical shop. Growing up, I spent many years in the shop and developed a passion for the field. This passion has driven me to pursue my education in Mechanical Engineering and specialize in the field.

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