How to Use a Floor Nailer – Safety Instructions

How to Use a Floor NailerThere are many people who are interested in the replacement of their hard wood floor but they do not know exactly which tool is used for this purpose.

But there is no need to worry because floor nailers are the right choice for flooring replacement. In market, manual and pneumatic two types of floor nailers are available.

Manual flooring nailers require extra muscles because it solely depends on the user’s strength

whereas pneumatic floor nailers help their users by providing extra force when a nail is being inserted. Both are good.

It depends on the user’s requirement that what type of tool he needs for a specific task. If you know how to use a flooring nailer, you can easily complete your tasks in less time.

Here we will discuss the steps that will guide you how you can use a flooring nailer.

How to Use a Floor Nailer Simple Guide

Select a correct size adapter plate

When you want to replace your floor, first of all you need to figure out the thickness of the hardwood floor.

It can be measured with the help of a tape and this measurement will help you to select an appropriate cleat and adapter plate that will be used in a flooring nailer.

Once the adapter plate and cleat are selected then you have to attach the adapter plate with your flooring nailer.

After attaching adapter plate, you have to load the perfect strip of cleats in the magazine of nailer.

Connect your flooring nailer to an air compressor

At this step, you have to connect your flooring nailer with an air compressor. But you have to make sure that the whole connection setting is not only tight but also secure enough for safe working.

Set air pressure on compressor

Every floor nailer comes with a manual that contains all the operating instructions related to the PSI setting that is used for the air compressor.

Once you have read all the instructions carefully, pressure gauge can be adjusted easily on air compressor for the perfect psi setting.

Using the nailer

This is the final step when you actually start to use flooring nailer. But before using it, you have to use some finish nails and a hammer for installing your first strip of flooring.

Flooring nailer can be used to load the 2nd row of nails that is located near the tongue side of floor nailer.

For this purpose, you have to keep the adaptable foot of this floor nailer directly against the tongue.

Finally you are ready to use this flooring nailer.On the top of the flooring nailer, there is an actuator so just strike it with a rubber mallet.

It will engage the flooring nailer and then it will drive the cleat easily into your hard wood flooring.

The flooring nailer drive cleats at an angle of 45 degree so if you perfectly do this job then the tongue side of flooring will not be damaged.

Important Safety Instructions

It is necessary to follow some safety instructions while using a floor nailer because they help to avoid any mishap during work.

  • Always keep the working area clean and illuminated for proper working.
  • Never operate this tool if some explosive material is present at that place because this tool may create spark and situation can get worse.
  • Distractions may lose your control over this nailer so keep the bystanders and children away from the operating area.
  • Avoid unintentional starting. Always make it sure that the switch is off. Turn it on when you are fully ready to work.
  • Once the nailer is linked with air hose, do not try to load fasteners. It may cause unintentional firing.
  • Make sure that the attached accessories are fully tightened and secured otherwise a loose accessory may cause problem.
  • Remember cleat nails must be fired only into the appropriate work surfaces. Surfaces that are too hard to penetrate are not the ideal ones.
  • Wear heavy duty gloves, non-skid shoes and a dust mask while working with a floor nailer.
  • If you need any adjustment or you want to store this tool, disconnect it from air source.
  • You can use only those accessories with a model that are mentioned in the manual and that are provided with a specific tool.

In short, flooring nailer is an ideal tool for the replacement of hard wood floors. It helps to complete you task in less time. But whatever flooring nailer or tool you use, it is imperative to know about your tool prior to any usage. Applying too much or too less pressure can ruin your whole project. So if you know how to use a floor nailer perfectly, you can get the most out of it.

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