How to Use a Cordless Impact Driver [Ultimate Guide]

How to Use a Cordless Impact DriverA cordless impact driver is the powerful tool that should be a necessary part of your tool kit. But before that, it is very important to know, what cordless impact driver is and how can it be used for drilling?

An impact driver is particularly designed to drive screws and bolts in the wood by using concussive forces.

Usually, it looks like a drill but it is very different driving tool and the main thing is how you fill the bits with it. Basically, cordless impact driver has a key less chuck that tackles variety of rounds and bits that are secured in place by rotating the chuck.

Its collet just accepts ¼ inch hex shank driver bits to pop in or out the bits when you drag the collet forward.

The Basics: Cordless impact drivers are perfect for deck construction, wrenching down plywood, fixing tile backer board and for any other task that demands fastening a long screw or lock into hardwood.

There are few things that you need to know before investing your money in cordless impact driver. If you are working in an industry where you have to use your hands frequently and lot of force is required for drilling tasks, then cordless impact driver is the best choice. It is quite handy.

Secondly, you can complete your driving task fast especially if you tend to work for longer hours. Obviously, if you are going to spend your money in a cordless impact driver, its ergonomic grip design will be really supportive to reduce your fatigue and on the other hand it will save your time and energy too.

Torque: A cordless impact driver offers more torque than a normal drill.  It can provide two to three times more torque that will help you to complete your tasks more efficiently and easily. Its other benefits are also considerable. Impact drivers are helpful in putting out grand amount of torque.

This tool is also useful to transfer this energy directly into the bolts when you are working with them. Its torque can be adjusted according to your drilling task, so you do not need to be worry about being over powered when handling tough screws and bolts.

How to use a cordless impact driver

Cordless impact driver is an efficient and simple to use product. It can be used for multiple purposes: masonry applications, wood working, metal work, mechanical works are some basic uses of this product.

Now let’s see how you should use an impact driver?

Insert battery

First of all, you should make sure that your cordless impact driver is turned off. After that you should insert battery pack in the tool. This can simply be done by slipping the battery in to the handle and it is done when you hear a ‘click’.

Insert screw driver or drill bit

After placing battery, you should select a drill bit or screwdriver bit for the task you want to complete. Make sure that it has 6.35 mm or ¼ inches shank so that it can fit perfectly in the cordless impact driver. You should also see if the bit’s end is clean and has no damages.

Use bit holder

The next step is to use a bit holder for smaller bits which features a magnetic end so that it can hold all bits.

Inserting bit

Now put the bit in the chuck to the maximum point where you feel that it has engaged with the back of the chuck successfully.

Adjust settings

After that adjust your reverse and forward switch and make sure to put it in forward position to start work.

Speed settings

If the cordless impact driver you are using has various speed gears, you should choose the one which is needed by your current task.

Squeeze trigger

After all settings in place, turn the light and tool on. Slowly squeeze the trigger of speed control till the chuck and bit begins to turn. You can lower and increase the speed as you go by.

Cool down the tool after finishing work

After you are done working with your cordless impact driver, turn it off and keep it aside to cool down.

After the tool has cooled down, carefully remove the chuck and bits and place them in the tool kit.


  • When you start using impact driver, it takes time to get habitual to it.
  • Impact drivers can also be utilized as a drill machine if required, what you have to do is to utilize those hex shank bits in a traditional drill.


A cordless impact driver is an easy to use power tool which can significantly lower the fatigue which you may face while using other tools. With right speed settings, you can perform all drilling tasks with an impact driver.

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