Best Cordless Power Tool Brands With Details in 2021

At present, plenty of brands are serving to the users with their best cordless tools. The tools of each and every brand are definitely different in power, durability, strength, ergonomics and reliability.

Best Cordless Power Tool Brands

So it is an uphill task to compare these brands and you really need some time to compare these different brands on the basis of their qualities. They have definitely some unique characteristic that make them prominent among the other brands.

So here we are going to review some best cordless power tool brands for the understanding of our readers. This discussion will let you know about the key characteristics of these cordless power tool brands.

Best Cordless Power Tool Brands in The World

1. Bosch Cordless Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools

When we talk about the power tool brand names, we come to know that Bosch is marking a higher place in this industry. Not only Europe but is making progress by leaps and bound in US too. Bosch is a name that signifies the high quality cordless power tools and people who have used its products; they really know the worth of this brand.

Bosch has introduced high quality and professional products so their tools are the first preference of the skilled people. Its tools are powered by the Lithium Ion technology so you can even handle the toughest jobs of your site.

Another success secret of this brand is the variety. Bosch has introduced plenty of products that cater the needs of people belonging to different fields in a perfect way. 12V and 18V Max systems are the well known cordless platforms that have dedicated purely for the contractors.

On the other hand, its 36V cordless power tools have been designed and dedicated to the industrial skilled men and the tradesmen. Prices of Bosch products are generally high but they offer high quality and durable products that last longer and you can get most out of them.Buying any of Bosch’s cordless power tools is like saving your time from unnecessary efforts and you can save your energy too by performing your jobs in less time.

Bosch is offering a huge range of cordless tools like cordless drills, drivers, cordless hammer drills, cordless radios, screwdrivers, angle grinders, cordless circular saws, impact wrenches, cordless jigsaws, work lights ,band saws, dust extractors, rotary multiple tools, orbital sanders palm routers , planers and list is going on. These entire products are equally efficient and make your whole work a breeze for you. So you can enjoy your task by facilitating it with any of the above mentioned Bosch products.

2. Dewalt Cordless Power Tools

Dewalt Power Tools

Another well known name in tool industry is Dewalt that is famous for its high quality tools. This is a premium brand that has a significant importance for industrial and construction professionals. This is a budget friendly brand that does not cost much on your pocket. And this budget friendly feature makes its products more popular among the users.

Dewalt is a brand that offers multi-rage of cordless power tools at very affordable or reasonable prices. Most of its cordless power tools belong to the 18V and the 20V systems. On the other hand, there is a small range of some specialized or high end tools that come with 60V or 120V batteries.

The most important thing of Dewalt cordless power tools is that they are the first preference of the amateur users because they are really easy to use and hold during work. Contractors also like to use these cordless tools. Its cordless saws are very famous because they are available at more reasonable price in comparison to the other brands.

Dewalt products generally have three advantages. First of all, they are light in weight so you can hold them without any trouble. Second is the power. These cordless power tools are mighty enough to perform the different fastening tasks in less time.

They save you from human exertion. Thirdly, they offer long lasting batteries. Long lasting battery means you can use these tools without any fear for longer time period. So your investment will not go wrong and they will pay you in the long run.

Dewalt offers a huge variety of cordless power tools like they offer drills, drivers, circular saws, wood working planter kit, hammer drills, right-angle drill and many more. These products are equally efficient and the most important thing is that they are pocket friendly.

3. Makita Cordless Power Tools

Makita Cordless Power Tools

This brand actually belongs to Japan and it aims to serve the construction workers and professional tradesmen. Like all other brands, Makita’s most of the products belong to 12V and 18V systems so they possibly try to cover all the type of cordless power tools.

The most promising feature of this brand is that many of its products come with the double 18V batteries so they provide great strength to the cordless tool and it works very efficiently.

When we talk about the feature of reliability, we come to know that this brand has established its products on this basic quality. Its cordless power tools are famous because they are highly reliable.Whatever tool, you are using from this brand like impact driver or a circular saw, they are equally reliable and they will truly satisfy you with its amazing performance.

Satisfaction of work is guaranteed.The best thing about Makita is that it is introducing innovations slowly and steadily but it is continuously trying to provide something new to its valuable users. Its product line is getting broad with the passage of time and it has revamped its 12 V Max platform that is really worth mentioning here.

On the whole Makita is a very good brand that has a very reliable as well as a competitive cordless power tool line. Makita is trying to introduce new tools with the new innovations to cater broader segment of users and it really aims to satisfy its users too.

When we have a look on the cordless tool line, we realize that it has introduced cordless router that is providing amazing results to its users. Its high end X2 products are really marking a higher place in industry. They are really appreciated by the users.

4. Hitachi Cordless Power Tools

Hitachi Cordless Power Tools

Hitachi is a famous Japanese brand that started its journey in 1948 with the name of Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. Initially they started to produce electric power tools with the other mining machinery.

There are many people who say that Hitachi is relatively new in comparison to Makita, Dewalt and Bosch but it does not make a great difference because Hitachi power tools whether cordless or other ones are equally competing in performance with the other big brands.

Its R & D section has always been ready to create and try some new features and these strenuous efforts are truly paying good results. And that is why Hitachi is regarded as the best mid range tool brand of cordless products. Its cordless power tools are ideal one for handymen and DIYers. Some of its products are too good and they are suitable for contractors.

Hitachi is a brand that offers valuable products with decent performance. Most of the cordless tools of Hitachi belong to 12 or 18V platforms. As far as the cordless tool line is concerned, we come to know that Hitachi is not offering a big tool line like the other brands but the tools that it is providing are worth using.

They are efficient and the feature of durability is high. When we compare the prices of Hitachi cordless power tools then we know that they are bit expensive in comparison to other mid tool range brands but they are definitely worthy to buy.

At present, Hitachi works on two lines of cordless power tools. One is the regular one and the other one is the Li-Ion. These Lithium Ion products offer different battery voltages that range from 3.6 V to almost 36 V. So users have a wide range of choice. Another good thing is that Hitachi provides lifetime warranty on the Lithium Ion products or tools that is really amazing. Isn’t it?

5. Ryobi Cordless Power Tools

Ryobi Cordless Power Tools

Another good brand with powerful cordless products that is worth mentioning here is the Ryobi. A person who is really in search of the mid range tools than no other brand can serve you better than Ryobi. Ryobi started its journey of making power tools in 60’s and it started to expand its line with the passage of time.

The most promising feature of this brand is its 18 V tools and its One plus system. So this line of tools contains almost anything that is required by a contractor or an amateur user. All the products of this line are not only offer innovative designs but they offer you a decent quality too that is not offered by other brands in this range.

Ryobi is a brand that has established itself on the sound grounds and it cannot only compete with Dewalt products but also its products are equally good like the cordless power tools of Makita or Milwaukee. People who have used its cordless products they are really happy with it because it provides efficient and durable products at a very reasonable and affordable prices.

The most interesting feature of the Ryobi cordless products is that the older products like 20 years old products too can use the new or advance Lithium Ion technology. This feature makes Ryobi products more useful for people.

On the other hand, its brushless motor technology is also very amazing. Ryobi is serving at so many places like Canada, United States, Australia, Europe, New Zealand etc and it aims to serve at more places in the future.

So on the whole, Ryobi is providing its users with the reasonable cordless power tools that are not so pricey and provide good service in an affordable price. Its cordless products like drill, drivers are quite famous.

6. Black & Decker Power Tools

Black & Decker Power Tools

This is a brand that has established its name as a consumer tool brand. Homeowners who are searching for the power tools that fall under the range of entry level; Black & Decker is an appropriate choice. Initially it was famous for its quality power tools but with the passage of time it has dedicated its efforts to make reliable entry level tools.

But it is a fact that this brand has lend a big hand in the growth and progress of the tool industry as it was the first brand who introduced the first ever battery drill that got great success. And the good thing about its tools is that they are available at a very reasonable price so this feature makes this brand the first preference of consumers. And no doubt, they are the cheapest ones.

Black & Decker is a reliable brand and its products range from 12 V- 20 V. Its tools do not last longer but also they are regarded as the best choice for the beginners, handymen and home owners. The power tools of this brand including the cordless ones offer the orange and black color scheme and they are easily available at the big marts.

If we talk about the cordless power tool line of this brand, we come to know that this brand has a bunch of cordless power tools. Some people say that they are less efficient or powerful but when you compare the prices of this brand with others like Milwaukee and Dewalt ones then they look fine. 20V Max and the 40 V Max cordless power tools are known as the most innovative line up of Black & Decker.

So on the whole this is a good brand that offers cordless power tools at such a notable prices.

7. Milwaukee Cordless Power Tools

Among the best cordless power tool brands, you can not overlook the name of Milwaukee. Probably this is the most famous brand on the side of North American continent in comparison to the Bosch or other brands.

It is known for its excellent range of cordless power tools. Its products are not only preferred by common people but also it attracts the attention of professionals, construction workers, contractors and tradesmen.

When we look at its tool line, it shows that this brand works mostly on 12 V and 18 V systems. And the products of these systems are not only durable but also offer interchangeable batteries. Although its products are bit pricey but they are really affordable in comparison to Bosch products that is why it is famous in North America in comparison to Bosch.

Milwaukee offers a huge product line and definitely its cordless power tool series has ability to compete with any other brand’s product line. People who always look for innovation and great products they should really consider the products of this brand that is the name of true innovation and highly reliable products. And the journey of innovation is still going on.

Milwaukee is a brand with some ravishing benefits. This brand offers GPS tracking with the help of an app. This feature is great for those who are used to perform work on different job sites. It has introduced very advance brushless motor technology in small packs that provides great strength to the cordless products. Multiple cordless power tools are offered in the market for users but compact drills; compact impact drivers are commonly used by the people.

They are compact in size but they deliver excellent performance and really work well. So if you are thinking to invest in the Milwaukee cordless power tools then you are thinking in a right way. Its tool will not disappoint you in any way.

8. Porter Cable Cordless Power Tools

Porter Cable Cordless Power Tools

Well, among the well establish cordless power tool brands, if we ignore the name of Portable Cable, it would be totally wrong. This is a brand that has climbed up the ladder of success by offering the great quality in its products over the years. The products of this brand are efficient and you can compare these products with the products of any other brand in the market that is really amazing.

Porter cable is still progressing and experts claim that if they keep on improving their products in terms of quality then the day is not far when its cordless power tools will surpass Ryobi products. Another plus point of this brand is the price. Its products are inexpensive in comparison to the other entry level brands. The products of this brand belong to 12 V, 18 V and the 20 V Max platforms and they are still working to improve its platforms to cater the more range of market.

Although Porter cable offers a limited range of cordless tools but they are worth using. And if somebody thinks to invest in the cordless tools of this brand then this investment would be worth praising. Although the cordless tool line is small but it’s most famous products include nailers, drills and impact drivers. Although its ecosystem is not as wide as Ryobi but whatever it is offering in the market is worth buying.

The basic advantage of Porter cable is that their products are available at a decent price with the good quality. Occasional handymen and the homeowners prefer the tools of this brand due to its quality and they are also easy to use. So, in a nut shell, this brand is trying hard to attract the customers by providing the quality products at a reasonable price.

9. Ridgid Cordless Power Tools

Ridgid Power Tools

There are some brands that could not attract the attention of people instantly and they emerge with the passage of time but in the long run slowly and steadily they become able to mark a good place in market.

Among these brands, we would like to mention the name of Ridgid brand. When this brand started its journey, it could not make a huge difference in the market but slowly and steadily it started to rise from the darkness. Some people consider that this is an in-house home depot brand. But this is not right.

Ridgid is a brand that belongs to Emerson Electric. Although they advertise themselves as a mid range tool brand but there is nothing like this. They can only cater the needs of the homeowners and the beginners.

When we talk about its line, we come to know that its products belong to 18 V platforms. This is a brand that does not offer a wide range of cordless tools but they are good if you compare the pricing of these tools with the products of other brands. Although they are not as durable as the products of other good brands but they provide you decent quality in an affordable price.

Ryobi and Ridgid generally offer the same quality and almost same pricing of products but it is a matter of fact that Ryobi offers the more variety in power tools in comparison to the Ridgid ones.

If we look back and analyze the last few years of Ridgid, we feel that it has greatly tried to keep its momentum. And in recent times, it has introduced cordless air compressor that has got a great success among users because it provides excellent service in an affordable price.

Over all, the cordless power tools of Ridgid cover the simple or the basic needs of users and homeowners. But it is not bad if you are getting a good tool although not so advanced in a budget friendly range. Isn’t it?


So the above mentioned brands are considered as the best cordless power tool brands in the world. Definitely every brand has its own distinguish features that make it unique from the other ones. So it is definitely a hard choice to select one. One is good for quality and the other one is good for pricing.

So it mainly depends on the users that what type of features they look in a product and what is their budget line. So you can select wisely keeping in view your working requirements and one last thing, these above mentioned brands will never disappoint you in any way.

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  1. It’s not the tool that makes me avoid Ryobi but the battery. When I was in my teens it was the first combo set of tools that I bought. It was about $100 for an 18V drill, circular saw, vacuum, flash light, charger, two batteries, and a bag. What it was good for was learning because it was cheap but in my 20s I discovered Dewalt and Makita. There’s nothing like them. The price it good, the quality is great, the batteries hold their charge, and there’s a great variety of tools.
    I was just given a 20V porter cable impact driver and drill, and they’re not bad, but still not as good.


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