Dewalt DCD771C2 Review With Advantages and Disadvantages

Dewalt DCD771C2 Review

Dewalt DCD771C2 is a very compact drill machine. It features a very high-performance motor which can deliver 300 UWO (Unit Watts Out). The motor has a high power ability to perform on a variety of applications. Moreover, Dewalt DCD771C2 is a 20 Volt drill machine which also features a Lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion based batteries are known for their safety and durability.
In addition to it, Dewalt DCD771C2 delivers speeds from 0-450 RPM and 0-1500 RPM.

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This two-speed feature helps in quickly completing different drilling and fastening tasks of a complex nature. The in-built single sleeve, half (1/2) inch, ratcheting chuck provides tight bit gripping which helps to control machine while putting pressure.

Dewalt DCD771C2

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Besides that, the design of Dewalt DCD771C2 is highly compact and lightweight which makes it easy to hold for long hours and move along while drilling and fastening. This is why; the compact design makes it easy to work in tighter spaces and awkward angles. The ergonomic handle also delivers good control and provides comfort without putting so much pressure on the body.

The whole package of Dewalt DCD771C2 MAX 20V includes a compact drill machine, speed impact driver and 37 bits screwdriver set. The Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX is a cordless drill driver which does not require continuous charging as the battery used is of good quality. A charger to charge battery also comes with the package.

Moreover, the Dewalt DCD771C2 comes with variable speed triggers and no load speed 0-1000, 2800 and 3250. The screwdriver bits that come with the drill driver kit are heat treated, hardened and are made of magnetized steel. The set also contains an assortment of Philips, square screwdriver bits and slotted bits. It also contains magnetic nut drivers and magnetic drive guides for various applications.

Find Here Advantages and Disadvantages in This Dewalt DCD771C2 Review


  • Dewalt DCD771C2 has been built in a very compact mode which makes it highly suitable for drilling in complex, twisted and small areas.
  • The charger that comes with Dewalt DCD771C2 charges battery fast which helps saving time. Maximum charging time of Lithium-ion based battery is half hour.
  • In addition to it, the motor of this drill machine works on dual speed mode which reduces the time needed to complete a drilling and fastening job.
  • LED has been built in right on top of the trigger which makes it easy to work in areas where there is no light. LED light on the drill provides better visibility.
  • Besides that, 200 Unit Watts Out motor gives high performance for drilling and fastening which resultantly help in completing various applications proficiently.
  • An equally important feature of Dewalt DCD771C2 is a keyless chuck which makes it very easy to change bits.


  • The chuck of Dewalt DCD771C2 looses on its own which reduces control of the drill driver while working.
  • It does not come with a magnet tray which you usually have with other drill drivers to keep screws while working.
  • Another con of this drill machine is that it is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Dewalt DCD771C2 is only good for less complex repairs and installation tasks.

It is of great importance to know that which type of drill products are available in the market. This is why, a small market analysis of drill machines based on their functions, help make a better decision.

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Types of drill

There are four types of drill machines

  1. Drill Drivers: They come with dual functionality including drilling holes and screwdrivers.
  2. Combination Drills: They come with triple functionality. They work for drilling holes, screwdrivers and as hammer drills.
  3. SDS/ Rotary Hammer Drills: SDS is known as Self Direct Drills. They are multifunctional and heavy in size and mostly used for masonry or concrete related tasks.
  4. Percussion Drills: They are more powerful than SDS and used for extra heavy duty work like drilling through rocks. This is so because; rotation and drill both work together.

Size and weight: Size and weight of drill machines are also important factors to consider while making a purchase. According to your requirements for drilling and your comfort level plays an important role in selecting a specific type of drill.

Most importantly, if you are buying for household repairing work, you can choose light and compact drills. But, if your work requires heavy-duty drilling, you should purchase heavy and big drills to sustain pressures.

Corded and cordless drills: If you are looking to buy you should know which product you need corded or cordless. Corded drills need continuous charging, however; cordless drills come with batteries. Sometimes cordless drills come with one or two extra batteries to provide continuous charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. This Dewalt DCD771C2 unit comes with how many batteries?

Ans: It comes with two batteries.

2. Does Dewalt DCD771C2 feature a built-in LED light?

Ans: Yes, it has a built-in LED light and it is right above the trigger point.

3. Is the battery Lithium-ion based?

Ans: Yes, the battery is Lithium-ion based?

4. Does the Dewalt DCD771C2 operate on dual voltage?

Ans: No, it does not operate on dual voltage; it only works on 120 volts.

5. What does the whole package of Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX include?

Ans: The whole Dewalt DCD771C2 20V drill driver kit includes a 37 piece screwdriver set and a speed impact driver.


Dewalt DCD771C2 is a very compact and lightweight drill driver which is very useful for less complicated repair and installation tasks. This compact drill machine helps in drilling holes in very awkward angles to provide precision. However, it is not possible to use it for heavy drilling and fastening tasks as it cannot sustain pressure.

Most importantly, the built-in LED light provides clear visibility which makes it one of the useful drill drivers amongst others. Likewise, dual speed option with a high-performance motor makes various applications easy and quick with the machine. The battery takes only half an hour to charge which does not waste time.

As a result, we can this drill is an ideal option for DIYers who are interested in doing multiple home projects.

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