Best Hercules Impact Driver Review in 2022

A cordless impact driver is definitely a first choice of a buyer. Using an impact driver and some bits, you can easily complete your task. This is so because they are not only easy to carry anywhere but also you can hold them during work without any trouble. In market, there are plenty of impact drivers that can serve you in a better way. At the same time there are Hercules impact drivers that are known for their excellent speed in fastening applications. They are versatile product and they help to perform your task in less time. They are compact in size and it is easy to access confined spaces with these tools.

Here we are going to review the two main products of Hercules series and this information will prove very beneficial for you. These Hercules impact driver reviews will help you know about their core features in an informative way.

Hercules Impact Driver Review

Hercules 1/4 In Impact Driver 20V Lithium Cordless

This is a powerful impact driver that has been designed to deliver 1500 in. lbs of torque. This ¼ inch cordless impact driver delivers 0 to 3200 IPM so it can be used for a variety of fastening jobs without any trouble.

This product comes with a built in LED light that gives a clear view of your targeted area even in the darkness. This product gives a legendary performance as it works with a 20 V lithium Ion battery that enhances the use of this product.

HERCULES Compact Impact Driver

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HERCULES 20V Lithium Cordless 1/4 in. is compact in size and you will be amazed with its 4 pole motor that has been designed to produce breath taking results. The variable speed feature makes this product more useful for the plenty of fastening applications. This cordless driver can withstand the jobsite abuse without any trouble due to its all metal gear construction.

When we talk about the dimensions, we come to know that its length is 5-3/4 inch whereas the height of this product is 9.5 inch. The width of this tool is 3 inch. This is a very light weight product as it weighs only 3.0 lbs. This is a bare tool and no other components are provided with this impact wrench.


  • This is a cordless impact driver so it can be carried anywhere without any trouble.
  • This light weight tool is quite easy to carry so users feel no fatigue during work.
  • Variable speed feature enhances the use of this tool and it can be easily used for a variety of fastening applications like it can be used for dry walls, fencing, decking etc.
  • Lithium Ion battery enhances the feature of durability of this tool and you can use it for a couple of years without any trouble.
  • Built in LED has been introduced to facilitate the working of users even in the darkness. It is easy to focus on the target even in the dim lights.
  • As it is compact in size, so it is easy to use this product even in the confined spaces.


  • Only bare tool is provided to the users so they need to buy the extra things themselves.
  • Some users complain that this tool heats up in no time.

2. Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

This is another good tool of Hercules series that has been designed to provide the maximum performance to its users. This compact hammer drill is although compact in size but its 4 pole motor is strong enough to make it use for multiple fastening applications. This is a durable compact hammer drill that can be easily used for number of years without experiencing any problem.

Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

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Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless 1/2 In offers two speed transmissions so it can be used for all type of drilling, fastening and driving tasks. As compare to all models, this compact hammer drill delivers 0 to 34000 blows per minute that shows the strength of this tool. This mighty product is considered as an ideal tool for drilling in concrete and masonry.

As we said earlier, this is a compact product so the dimensions of this product are 7.8*3*9.5 inches. This battery powered product weighs only 9 pounds so it is quite easy to carry this product during work.

Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless 1/2 In has an all metal gear construction that can easily withstand wear and tear during use. Feature of built in LED light is amazing as it helps to illuminate the working surface during work and you can focus on your target without having any issue. This product offers Jacobs ½ inch ratcheting chunk that facilitates comprehensive bit retention.


  • This is a very light weight product so it can be carried anywhere and it is also very comfortable to hold this tool for longer hours.
  • Feature of two speed transmission is great as it enhances the productivity of this tool.
  • Built in LED light helps to illuminate the working surface for its user so they can easily focus on their working target.
  • It has a powerful 4 pole motor that is known for its greater performance.
  • This compact hammer drill is powered by a Lithium Ion battery so it enhances the feature of durability and efficiency of this tool.
  • You can easily access confined spaces because this is a compact tool.
  • This battery powered product is very durable and you can use it for a longer period of time.


  • Just tool is provided.
  • It can heat up after some time of use.
  • You may need to wait for charging to complete your task.

Are Hercules tools any good

Hercules Impact Driver is a popular tool for carpenters, homeowners, and contractors. It’s a powerful driver with a variety of features that can make construction and repair tasks easier.

The Hercules Impact Driver has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use. It also has a variable-speed trigger that lets you control the speed of the impact. This makes it perfect for fast, accurate work.

The Hercules Impact Driver is made from high-quality materials that will last long. Its tough construction means it can handle even the most demanding jobs.

Is Hercules as good as DeWalt

Dewalt is a well-known brand when it comes to power tools. They make some of the best tools on the market and their prices reflect that. However, there are other brands that make quality tools as well. One such brand is Hercules. Hercules makes a range of power tools, from impact drivers to saws and more. So, does Hercules measure up to Dewalt?

There are a few factors to consider when making this comparison. First and foremost, both brands have a reputation for making high-quality power tools. Their products are known for their durability and performance. Secondly, both brands have wide ranges of products available, so whatever your needs may be you’re likely to find a product from either company that will meet them. Finally, the price difference between the two brands is not as large as one might think. So, if you’re in the market for a quality power tool, either brand would be a good option.

Are Makita and Hercules the same

Makita and Hercules both have high quality standards, and their products are known for their durability and performance. However, Makita’s products are more specialized, while Hercules’ products are more general-purpose. Makita’s tools are often less expensive than those from Hercules, but the two brands offer a wide range of products. So, if you’re looking for a quality power tool, either Makita or Hercules would be a good option.

Final Words

When it comes to power tools, there is no doubt that the Hercules Impact Driver is one of the best on the market. This tool is perfect for a variety of tasks, from installing new roofing tiles to removing stubborn screws. The impact driver is powerful and efficient, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable tool.

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