The Best Drill Bit Set for Wood To Buy in 2021

Drilling in wood is a delicate task that really needs the careful selection of bits. This is so because if you do not pay attention to the bits your material may go waste. Wrong bits may chip your wood and the drilling holes may not be as clean or smooth as you want.

In the market, you will definitely find different drill bit sets that have been designed for different purposes and same is the case with wood. There are plenty of Drill bit set for wood that can serve you in a perfect way.

Here we will discuss some drill bit sets that are known among users for providing best service of drilling in wood. These are as follows,

Features to consider in the best drill bit set for wood

Creating holes in wood is really a delicate task that needs precision and it is only possible when you have the best drill bit set for wood. In this article, we will discuss some features of a good set that can really help you in this regard.

Key Point For Drill Bit Sets For Wood

Material of drill bit set

Drill bit sets for wood come in different materials. The most common drill bits that are used for wood are the bits made of high speed steel. Generally these bits are cheaper and they are used with the drill presses and in hand drilling.

These bits can be sharpened easily so they can be used time and again. Some drill bits feature high speed steel that is mixed with cobalt. These bits are stronger and durable. Third type of material is carbide.

Bits that are made of this material have a great advantage over other material drill bits because it is the strongest material and it can easily resist chalking that is great. So this is the ideal one material for the drill bits that can be used for wood.


Second important feature that needs consideration is the coating. You must consider that what type of coating the drill bits offer while selecting the best drill bit set for wood. Bright finish is the most common type of finishing.

Then there is black oxide finish. This finish is preferred for drill bits because it provides more resistance against heat. And it also makes drill bits durable. Titanium Nitride is another good finish for drill bits.

While buying the bits for woods, many users pay attention to this finish as this gold finish is great for working with woods.

There are two more finishes like Titanium Carbonitride and Titanium Aluminum Nitride. These coatings are also really good and make the drill bits long lasting.

Easy to use

Drill bits that are easy to use, is another key feature. Working with woods is a delicate task. You cannot take risk as your little mistake can ruin your project. So the drill bits that are easy to use are always recommended.

Installation and removal of bits should be easy because it does not only save your time and energy but also allows you the precision in your work.

Drilling points

It is important to consider the drilling points. There are two drilling points that are 118 degree and 135 degrees point. Drilling point is mandatory to consider according the nature of your work if you want to make your work flawless.

Easily replaceable and versatile

Wear and tear of drill bits is a common phenomenon so such a drill  bit set must be selected whose bits are easily replaceable in case of getting damaged. And other thing is the versatility.

A set of drill bits that feature the multiple size drill bits for wood is great because such set can be used in a multiple way to facilitate different tasks.

Best Drill Bit Set for Wood Review

1. Freud PB-107B 7Pc Prec. Shr Serr Edg Fstnr Bit Set

This is an ideal drill bit set for the users. This set contains seven Shear Forstner bits that offer great precision of work. These bits are the smallest in size and these bits range from ¼ inch diameter to 1 inch diameter in size.

This set is considered as an ideal product for drilling flat bottom holes, overlapping and pocket holes. People who have used this set, they claim that it is the best set for drilling in hardwoods, ply woods and soft woods.

Freud PB-107B 7Pc Prec. Shr Serr Edg Fstnr Bit Set

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Freud PB-107B is a great set of bits. These bits feature razor-sharp, double ground edge that makes it sure that there will be less chipping and splintering and these bits will produce perfect flat bottom holes.

Unique geometric design of these bits allows the faster rotational speed and provides very efficient cutting.

The sizes of the bits that belong to this set are ¼ inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch and 7/8 inch. The total weight of this drill bit set is 10.4 pounds. The other dimensions of this set are 7*6.5*0.9 inches.


  • A great set of bits that provides flawless drilling in hardwoods, ply woods and soft woods.
  • Multi sizes bits can be used for drilling in multiple materials.
  • Unique design offers less chipping and splintering.


  • Size range is bit limited in comparison to other drill bit sets.

2. COMOWARE 230 Pieces Drill Bit Set- Titanium Wood Drill Bits

This is a high quality drill bit set that offers classic HSS construction. Bits of this set are coated with titanium. This drill bit set is really versatile as it contains 230 pieces of bits of different sizes.

These bits feature a hardened cutting edge and their staggered cutting teeth make it sure that the drilled holes will be clean and smooth.

Freud PB-107B 7Pc Prec. Shr Serr Edg Fstnr Bit Set

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When we talk about the key features of this set, we come to know that its every bit offers 135 degree split point with the gold oxide finish. These bits prevent from walking and they clear the particles and chips very faster.

This drill bit set is an ideal choice for your household repair and maintenance projects. It is also good for DIY projects. COMOWARE 230 Pieces Drill Bit Set comes with a plastic storage case and the bits of this set ranges from 3/64 inches to ½ inches.

This set can perfectly meet your many needs. The weight of this set is 3.54 pounds and the other dimensions of this product are 10.39*9.02*2.13 inches.


  • Such a versatile and durable drill bit set that makes your investment really long lasting.
  • Plastic case is provided to store these bits properly.
  • These bits provide smooth drilling and clear particles and chips very quickly.


  • These bits are little bit expensive.

3. WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro Spade Drill Bit Set- Black Coating

This 10 piece drill bit set has been designed to provide efficient and smooth drilling and the good thing about these bits is that they are faster as compared to the standard spade bits.

These bits feature double sided cutting spurs that efficiently grab the wood, carve it nicely and create very beautiful holes with the least breakout.

These bits have been constructed with carbon steel. This carbon steel is actually heat treated and there is a black coating too on these bits so that really enhances the feature of durability of these bits.

WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro Spade Drill Bit Set- Black Coating

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Hardness of the WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro bits is above HRC48. Head of these drill bits is polished so they provide great resistance against wear and tear.

This is a versatile drill bit set and the sizes of drill bits are ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, ½ inch, 9/16 inch, 5/8 inch, ¾ inch, 7/8 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch. Its hex shank size is ¼ inches.

The weight of WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro set is 1.25 pounds and the other dimensions of this set are 3.54*2.17*8.27 inches.


  • This is a versatile and durable drill bit set.
  • An organizer is provided with these bits so it is not only easy to store this tool but also it can be carried anywhere.


  • These are the spare drill bits so they are not compatible with Dremel drill.

4. IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set, 14-Piece 1966893

This set is consisting of 14 pieces of drill bits and it is really great for drilling pocket and flat bottomed holes. Ultra sharp cutting teeth of these drill bits have been perfectly designed to cut efficiently through the soft and hard woods. Smoothness in drilling is the key feature of this set.

When we compare this drill bit set with others, we come to know that they are faster and significantly diminish the cutting time. It has a reduced shank that gets easily fit to 3/8 inch and many other larger drills.

IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set, 14-Piece 1966893

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 IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set is made of stainless steel. The weight of this set is 3.89 pounds and the other dimensions of this set are 3.2*11.6*11.5 inches.

The sizes of the bits of this set are ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, ½ inch, 5/8 inch, ¾ inch, 7/8 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch, 1-3/8 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 1-5/8 inch and 2 inch. This is an ideal set for cabinet making, wood working and many more.


  • This is not so pricy product.
  • Feature of reduced shank is great as it easily fits to drill presses and drills.
  • It is made of stainless steel so it is a durable set.
  • This set includes variety of drill bits so it can be used for multi-purposes.


  • These bits get dull quickly.

5. COMOWARE Spade Drill Bit Set

Well there are so many drill bit sets available in the markets that deliver excellent drilling facility and among them is the name of COMOWARE Spade Drill Bit Set. This set is amazing as the bits of this set are made of carbon steel and they are also coated with the titanium.

This coating does not only increase the capability of these bits but also enhances the feature of durability. Their sharp cutting edge makes it sure that the drilled holes must be smooth and clear.

COMOWARE Spade Drill Bit Set

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The most promising feature of these bits is their self centered spade tip that greatly helps in spot on starts. These sharp bits allow precise drilling in different type of materials like wood, PVC, fiberglass, wood etc. These bits are also suitable for soft metals like aluminum etc.

The weight of the COMOWARE Spade Drill Bit Set is 9.6 ounces and the dimensions of this set are 8.5*5.3*0.2 inches. The sizes of the bits are 3/8, ½, 5/8, ¾, 7/8 and 1 inches. These bits get fit to the most of the brands available in the market.


  • Such a versatile drill bit set that can be used with the multiple brands.
  • Bits have titanium coating so they can be used for a longer period of time without any issue of wear and tear.
  • Spade style design provides edge to these bits on others.


  • These bits take time to get in.

Buying Guide For Drill Bit Set For Wood

Buying the best drill bit set for wood is not so easy especially for those who are going to buy it for the very first time. Such people need a little guidance to make their investment fruitful. So here we are to serve you by providing some guidance in this regard.

  • First point that you should consider before buying the drill bit set for wood is the drilling need. You have to decide that you need set for some home projects of wood or you need it professionally. If you have to use it professionally then you need a more versatile and high rated set for your work. Buy accordingly.
  • Always prefer a drill bit set that comes with a carrying case because it is easy to organize the set. You can easily identify the bits of your need when they are properly organized at their specified place.
  • Size of the drill bits set also matters a lot. A set that is too big and difficult to carry is not the ideal one. Versatility and portability go hand in hand. So think about it before buying.
  • Buy those bits that help to avoid chalking and walking. Check their sizes before buying because wrongly sized bits can ruin your projects and you may lose your wits over it.
  • Think before buying about your buying limits. Decide that how much money you have to spend on the drill bit set. Definitely in market, you will find the pricey to cheaper sets that can be used for drilling with woods. So if you are clear about what you can spend on a set, this thing will really help you in your buying process.
  • Seek help from those who have already used the bits as they can guide you properly. Their experience and guidance will be really fruitful.


So these are the Drill bit set for wood that are known as the best sets for drilling in wood. They really provide precise cutting and give you clear and smooth holes. All are good but the actual thing is the customer’s need. It depends upon you that what your requirements are and what you are actually looking for in a drill bit set.

Analyze your need first and then it will be really very easy for you to make a right choice. Make sure to pick the set that is versatile and is made of high quality material as it is a long term investment.

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