How To Sharpen Drill Bits The Right Way To Extend Their Life

When it comes to drilling, nothing is more important than the quality of your bits. They need to be sharp and durable in order to get the job done right. If you’ve been using the same set of bits for a while, you may notice that they aren’t as sharp as they used to be. This can be a problem if you want them to last as long as possible. In this article, we will show you how to sharpen drill bits the right way so that they can last longer.

how to sharpen drill bits

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to sharpening drill bits. The first is that you need to use the correct sharpening angle. Secondly, you need to use the correct grit of stone. And finally, you need to use the correct amount of pressure when sharpening your drill bits. If you follow these tips, then your drill bits will last much longer and be sharper than if you don’t.

how to sharpen drill bits by hand

1. Get a Drill Bit Sharpener

2. Put the drill bit in the sharpener

3. Push the drill bit down so it’s touching the anvil

4. Hold the sharpener in one hand and use the other hand to hold the drill bit steady

5. Keep your fingers straight and parallel to each other

6. Turn the sharpener clockwise or counterclockwise as needed

7. When the bit is sharp, release it from the sharpener

how to sharpen drill bits with a stone

Find a flat, smooth surface to sharpen your drill bits on.

Wet the stone with water and then place it against the drill bit.

Apply pressure to the stone while moving it around the drill bit.

When the bit has been sharpened to your desired point, remove from the stone and dry thoroughly.

Re-apply pressure to the stone against the drill bit and sharpen further if needed.

how to sharpen drill bits with a file

1. Choose the drill bit size you need to sharpen

2. Loosen the bit from the chuck by rotating it in a clockwise direction. Pinch the flange of the bit between your fingers and grasp the shank with your other hand.

3. With a flat-blade file, sharpen one side of the bit. Be sure to hold the bit securely and use light pressure. If you over-sharpen, you may damage the bit.

4. Turn the bit around so that you are sharpening the other side and repeat steps 2-3.

5. Re-check the bit for sharpness and, if necessary, sharpen it further using a honing rod.

how to sharpen drill bits on a bench grinder

1. Place the drill bit on the grinder wheel.

2. Turn the grinder on to the desired speed and start grinding.

3. Keep a close eye on the drill bit to make sure it’s being sharpened evenly.

4. When the drill bit is sharpened to your desired point, remove it from the grinder and dry it thoroughly.

how to sharpen drill bits with angle grinder

1. Place the angle grinder on a stable surface and secure it with clamps or vice grips.

2. Position the drill bit over the angle grinder wheel and secure it with a wrench.

3. Turn on the angle grinder and hold down the trigger while turning the wheel.

4. When the desired sharpness is achieved, release the trigger and remove the drill bit from the wheel.

how to sharpen drill bits with a Dremel

1. Turn on the Dremel

2. Place the drill bit you want to sharpen on the dremel rotary tool

3. Turn the dremel on to its high speed and start spinning the drill bit around the drill bit. Be sure to hold onto the drill bit with a firm grip.

4. Once you have completed spinning the drill bit around, stop the dremel and remove it from the drill bit. Inspect your new drilled bit and if it is not sharp enough, you can repeat steps 2-4 until your drill bit is sharp enough.

Final Words

The following guidelines should help you to sharpen drill bits correctly and ensure that they last for a longer period of time. Remember to always use a safety guard when sharpening your drill bits as improper use can lead to injury.

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