Black and Decker LDX120C Review – 20V Max Perfect One

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C is a portable and compact drill machine. This drill cum driver comes without any power cords. It features a Lithium-ion based battery which is known for fast charging and durability. This product is very sleek in size which makes it easy to carry and work.

Black and Decker LDX120C Review

Detailed Review of The Black and Decker LDX120C Review

Most importantly, it is a well balanced tool making it ideal for drilling on to a variety of materials which includes plastic, metal and wood. This drill/driver can also be used for many screw driving tasks. In addition to it, this 20V Max drill/driver features a clutch with 11 position points which provides extreme control on the machine for drilling and screw driving.

The tool also comes with a most promising feature which is variable speed option. Variable speed option enables countersinking without damaging the material you are working on.

Black and Decker LDX120C

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As the drill/driver is compact in size, it makes it easy for user to reach confined spaces which are difficult to reach otherwise. Furthermore, as the tool is light weight (weighs only 3.2 pounds); it reduces fatigue which user has to bear otherwise with heavy drill machines.

The product dimension is 10.6 x 3.7 x 8.5 inches. This 1500 watt drill/driver has a torque of 115in-lb. it comes with a speed of 650 RPM. The measurement system incorporated in the tool is Metric system.

Besides that, it comes with 20-Volt Max Lithium Drill/Driver, one Lcs20 charger, Lbx20 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Battery and one double ended bit. The average life of battery is one hour. LED work light is another prominent feature of this drill/driver.


  • First of all, this drill cum driver is very lightweight which makes it absolutely easy to hold and work for longer period of time.
  • Besides that, the battery employed in it is made of lithium-ion. Lithium-ion based batteries charge at higher speed and even with overcharging; they do not get damaged.
  • As the drill uses battery so there is no need of socket to plug in. This cordless tool makes job easy as no wires will be hanging along.
  • Moreover, the drill driver comes with a built-in LED work light that help illuminate dark places to work comfortably.
  • The handle of this portable drill is very user friendly. It is made of rubber which does not slip and helps control machine with a balanced pressure.
  • The chuck is keyless and it can be adjusted on 11 different positions which make various applications easy.
  • As the drill is very compact in size so it makes it easy to reach otherwise difficult areas.
  • Another important pro of this machine is that it can be used for drilling on a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal and wood.
  • Moreover, it is provides variable speed options that user can adjust according to their requirement of the task. In addition to it, the speed is adjustable if you just put adequate pressure on the trigger button.


  • Although it is a very compact and light weight machine but as it does not come with any casing so it cannot provide any protective storage for the machine after use.
  • There is only one battery provided with the LDX120C kit.
  • Another con of this machine is that it is not suitable for heavy duty task. The machine is very feather like; therefore it cannot sustain pressure of heavy duty drilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does BLACK+DECKER LDX120C come with an extra battery?

No, this drill cum driver comes with only one battery. No extra batteries.

2. Is it okay to leave it on charge overnight?

Yes, you can leave the battery to charge overnight. The battery incorporated is Lithium-ion based which is not damaged by extra charging.

3. Does this come with case?

No, the machine does not have a case for storage.

4. What is included in the BLACK & DECKER LDX120C kit?

The kit includes drill driver, a charger, battery and a double ended bit.

5. What is the size of chuck?

The chuck is 3/8″ in size.


BLACK+DECKER LDX120C is a very compact drill/driver which is mostly suitable for DIYers. Most importantly, it provides varied speed options which help completing tasks in a better way. The machine due to its size can fit into awkward and small angles providing precision and accuracy. This machine can work on many surfaces which make it very suitable for many home repairing tasks.

However, having no casing even for this compact drill machine is a big disadvantage as no proper storage is available after use. Moreover, this is not suitable for heavy tasks as it cannot sustain pressures.

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