How To Use An Impact Wrench – Avoiding Common Mistakes

An impact wrench is known with so many other names like impact driver, air wrench, rattle gun, windy gun, torque gun etc. Actually it is a socket wrench that has been designed to produce high torque. It involves less user exertion because it keeps on storing energy in the rotating mass and after some time, this energy is suddenly delivered to output shaft.

Use of impact wrench is quite common in different industries like major construction projects, automotive repair, product assembly, maintenance of heavy equipment and any areas where high torque is required. This is an extremely powerful tool and normally it is a part of every mechanic’s tool box.

 Some Practical Steps or Tips That Will Guide You How To Use an Impact Wrench Properly

  1. Decide and buy a right impact wrench: In market, plenty of impact wrenches are available that have been used for different purposes. So first of all, you need to decide what type of task you need to perform with an impact wrench. Once the nature of work is decided then you can choose a right impact wrench.
  2. Prepare the place of working: As we already know that an impact wrench has multiple applications. It can be used at a construction site, in your garage or anywhere else where wrenching is required. So where ever you want to use this impact wrench, you need to prepare that place where it is possible for impact wrench to access the air compressor. This preparation will prove quite handy for air hose as it will be able to deliver air without interruption.
  3. Assemble the parts of impact wrench: If you are going to use an air impact wrench for the very first time then you must know that you have to assemble its parts before starting your work. Although there are some cordless and corded models that do not need assembling but normally users have to assemble the basic parts. While assembling an air impact wrench, you need to connect it with a long rubber hose, in this way it will be connected to an air compressor. User can find manual inside the product box for proper guidance.
  4. Check your connections properly: After assembling the parts properly, you need to double check your connections. Sometimes a new user thinks that he has done the task of assembling properly and now he is all set to work with the impact wrench but later he discovers that there is a problem with hose or any other part. So double checking is mandatory before using the impact wrench.
  5. Test the machine: Now it is time to use the impact wrench. But before proper application, you need to test your machine. Testing is done to check that in which direction your wrench will spin. If you feel that the direction is wrong then you may use knob to reverse the direction of socket.
  6. Try to assign correct speed: In impact wrenches, speed is mentioned in Resolutions per minute (RPM). Higher RPM delivers less torque and lower RPM delivers high torque so figure out your torque needs and then select a right speed option according to the requirements of your job.
  7. Use of correct size socket: After setting the speed, you have to attach a device that you are intended to use. Being an impact wrench user, you must have multiple size sockets to facilitate your working task.
  8. Drag the trigger: Once you have attached the socket firmly, now you are ready to pull the trigger.
  9. Observe safety: When you use an impact wrench, you must be careful at the time of torque application because if you will apply too much torque then it may damage or strip the threads. So be careful!
  10. Store this machine properly: After using the machine, you need to store it properly. Let it cool, detach the hose and store it at a proper place to avoid damages that are caused by different outer elements.

Common Mistakes That Must Be Avoided While Using An Impact Wrench

  • Never buy an impact wrench without knowing your job requirement.
  • Always pay attention to your wrench size otherwise you will not be able to achieve your working target.
  • Do not use ordinary sockets.
  • Never over tighten the fixings. It may strip or damage the threads.
  • Thread the nuts carefully. Cross threading can cause damage.

In short, an impact wrench is a powerful tool that helps to perform your working tasks quickly and easily. Once you have a complete idea about how to use an impact wrench then you can easily get most out of it.

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