What is Right Angle Drill – Advantages of Right Angle Drill

Working with drill drives had come a long way since the invention of drill machines take place. But when it comes to working on tight and narrow spaces, things become quite troublesome.

Now that we’ve come to know that right angle drill machines exist, the struggle exists no more. But before picking up the proper right angle drill that suits your requirement, you have to go through the basics. And that’s what we’re up to in this content. Let’s explore below what is a right angle drill and some advantages-

What is a Right Angle Drill?

A right angle drill is a powerful tool that helps in driving a screw into a very small area which is too narrow to fit a regular drill machine. The body and the drill head are at an angle of 90 degrees (right angle) with each other. And that’s what the name ‘right angle drill’ is sourced from.What is a right angle drill

A right angle drill doesn’t do the similar thing that a as usual drill driver does. Instead of a long head and short handle, it sports a long handle and short head. And as the purpose of this tool is quite occasional, you can not find this tool every workman’s toolbox.

However, in case of dealing with a narrow subject to put screws into, these right angle drill drivers can save your day. Specially in works like carpentry, home remodeling, repairing, resizing and other similar works, they bring some crucial values for the handyman.

5 Advantages of Using A Right Angle Drill

The next thing that we are focusing on right now is the use of a right angle drill. As you know, you don’t need to get to use these tools every now and then. But when you do have the situation, nothing can replace the effectiveness of a right angle drill.

1. To screw on tight spaces

When you have drill onto places like the behind areas of a beam or joists, a long-handled, regular drill driver won’t be a right pick at all. That’s where a right angle drill is called on duty.

In plumbing and carpentry, this is the kind of job that plumbers and carpenters have to face regularly. Electricians might also need to work on such tight spaces too, but that less frequent than other kinds of handymen.

2. Firm Control on Torque

In usual cases, right-angle drills come up with three different speed motors. In together, they are able to provide the user with quite some torque.

Having three motors in action also come with other benefits. You can drive the drill slow as soon as it’s necessary. This will make you have full control over the quality of the drilling work.

It sometimes also means that it will last longer. As you can have a firm control on the motor torque, it will prevent heat buildup and motor burn out at the same time. These are the crucial foes of a drilling machine and while taken care of, the lifespan of the machine would boost for sure.

3. A Handful of Uses

If you go one step further, you can find some of the right angle drills that have a detachable head. Those power tools will allow you to remove the head of the drive. And this will turn your right angle drill into a regular drill.

With a device that can do so, can easily be incorporated into a number of diverse activities. Places of both narrow and spacious workpieces are open to working with one such tool.

4. Comfort in Use

Apart from having more control over the use, there are some extents in comfort for the users. While holding a right angle drill into action, you can apply pressure without bending your palm or pressurizing on your calf muscle.

On top of that, some of them are designed with twisting grip and trigger, which are even more convenient when it comes to user’s diversity in action.

5. Handful of Extensions

With many of the best right angle drill drivers of the market, there are a handful of extensions provided from brands. These extensions and attachments help to work smarter in more narrow spaces than regular.

The extension in the handle can run up to 30 inches. And that’s quite effective if you want to work on the corner of an attic. Moving forward from house improvements to regular carpentry projects, this can be even more effective as well.

Bottom Line

Alright, so this had been the basic discussion on what is a right angle drill and how you can make the most out of it. Considering the 5 advantages that we’ve come across, you can definitely go for one. Good luck!

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