How to use a DeWALT Drill?

Drills are the kind of tools that don’t always come in handy. But when they do, there’s no way around them. And among drills, the DeWALT Drills are super famous.

How to use a DeWALT Drill

These drills are simply the best out there considering the fact that they have a patented battery system. Moreover, this drill comes in variations. You can get a DeWALT drill of ¼ or ½ or ⅜ inch drive. DeWALT drills offer some specialty drills too.

However, drilling becomes really tough if you don’t know how to use DeWALT Drill. Slight mistakes can ruin your material and your work with that. Moreover, using the drill without knowing the usage details can sometimes lead to severe accidents.

So, it’s super important to know everything about it. And guess what! We’re here to help you out.

We have crafted up a step by step process of using the DeWALT drill. So, let’s take a look-

Step 1: Prepare you Drill

There are two parts to the preparation step. One part is to charge the battery and the other part is to put the bits into the drill. In this step, you can go through a
nother extra too. But this depends totally upon you.

Charging the DeWALT Drill

The DeWALT drill is a cordless drill. So, you have to charge it up before putting it to use. Now how to do that? At first, connect the battery charger into an electrical outlet. Next, insert your battery into the charger. See if a red light starts flashing. The red light indicates that the battery is charging.

Soon after the light becomes steady red, squeeze the sides of the battery. The squeezing loosens our battery from the charger. Squeeze the sides of the battery again to slide it into the drill. After setting it into the position, release the sides of the battery.

Putting the Bits into the DeWALT Drill

In this part, we discourse how to attached bits in your drill. You have to grip the chuck and handle tightly. Next start turning the chuck counterclockwise. This will loosen up the chuck jaws. And because of that, you’ll be able to remove the bit from the jaws.

Once you’re done with the removing part, examine the bit. Make sure it’s in good shape. If it’s in good shape, then insert it again if you want to use it.

Now, if you want to start off your work with a new bit, then this part is for you. Hold the new bit using your thumb and index finger. Make sure that the smooth end (Shank) is facing towards the chuck jaws. Insert your bit shank into the chuck jaws and instantly pull the bit back towards you.

Don’t pull it back to you more than 1 centimeter. After putting the bit in position, it’s time to tighten up. For this start by holding the back of the chuck. Next, start turning the front of the chuck clockwise. Soon it’ll all become tight around the drill bit.

Setting the Torque in DeWALT Drill

Torque and Speed are different. We will not go into the details of the torque and speed relationship. Rather we will tell you what to do. Set the torque higher when you’re drilling something super strong.

Because here your drill will need more speed. However, when you want to finish off something pretty quick, then increase the drill speed.

Step 2: Start Drilling

The is the main step. Go through every detail in here. Slight changes may result in grave consequences. At first, see if your drill is set on the forward motion. There is a button named forward/reverse on the side of the DeWALT drill. If the button is on the reverse, then put it forward.

Place your drill bit on your target material. Squeeze the trigger with light pressure. Keep the pressure light at first, so that your drill doesn’t wobble while drilling.

With time increase the pressure on the trigger. As a result, you’ll see an increase in drilling speed. Now you must have a question- How do I know when to increase the pressure?

Well, increase pressure on the trigger after your bit tip goes inside the material. Because once the tip goes into a hole, it cannot wobble anymore.

Once you reach your target depth release the drill trigger. Now, do you remember that forward-reverse button? Well, it’s time to put it onto use again. Place that button in reverse. Squeeze the trigger again and pull out the drill.

Final Thoughts

Using a drill isn’t rocket science. So, we believe you’ll be just fine from now on. However, don’t forget to take safety measures before working with any drill.

Safety measures include wearing tear-proof gloves, goggles, face mask, etc. But in the end, firmly believe that now you’ll be able to get the best from your DeWALT drill. Good luck.

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