How To Use A Rotary Hammer Drill – Some Important Tips

How To Use A Rotary HammerRotary hammer is an easy to use and simple power tool that has been designed to ease the masonry tasks.

It is also known with the name of pneumatic hammer and it has ability to drill through multiple materials like wood, concrete, plastics etc.

This is a heavy duty power tool that delivers impressive blow rate per minute so even if a user sets the speed at the lowest scale,

the rotational speed at lowest scale is good enough to drill through the hard material without any trouble.

A rotary hammer has many different components so if you want to know how to use a rotary hammer, you must know the functions of these components. This information will guide you how to use a rotary hammer for excellent performance.

How To Use A Rotary Hammer


Switch is the basic component of every corded rotary hammer. It allows the flow of electricity from the main power point to your rotary hammer. There is a trigger in every rotary hammer and users have to press this trigger to start their work.

In some rotary hammers, there is a variable speed trigger so if you further press this trigger, chuck will start to rotate at faster speed.

Lock-on button

This button can be used after pressing the speed trigger. Once you have pressed the trigger and set the speed then you can press this lock-on button to lock your rotary hammer at this speed.

If you want to cease this function, just pull the trigger and this function will be ceased instantly.

Reverse/forward switch

In some rotary hammers, there is a forward/reverse switch button that allows the use of this power tool in both directions.

So at the time of using this hammer, if you need reverse or forward action, you just have to flick this switch to change the direction of your working.

This feature is not generally available in every rotary hammer.


Motor is the basic component of a rotary hammer. It is responsible to convert electricity into the motion. In market, rotary hammers with different power motors are available and generally their input power ranges between 400W to 15000W.

So before using a rotary hammer, you must know what input power it offers and whether it will fulfill your requirements or not.


Transmission is also known with the name of gearbox. It dictates the speed range or Resolution per minutes at which a rotary hammer can operate and produce a corresponding torque. Users must have an idea that this transmission may contain multiple or single gear.

When they use a small gear, the speed of rotary hammer is high but it offers less torque for power. On the contrary, large gear lowers the speed of rotary but the amount of torque produced by the rotary hammer is high.

So if you know perfectly about the transmission of a rotary hammer then you can use it in a better way.

Mode switch

While using a rotary hammer, user often need to switch the mode of a rotary hammer.

This feature provides the different drilling. In market, two mode and three mode rotary hammers are available so you need to figure out your need first and then you should wisely select a rotary hammer according to your working requirements.


Chuck is the major part of a rotary hammer that holds the drilling accessories at its place. Transmission provides power to the driving shaft and chuck is located at the end of this shaft.

Rotary hammers offer SDS or Special Drilling System chucks that are made of high quality plastic.

When you need to lock accessories while using a rotary hammer, you just have to pull back the chuck’s sleeve, insert your required bit and then release the sleeve and you are done.

Depth spot

A rotary hammer is an easy to use and handy power tool that makes your work easier. When you use a rotary hammer, you must know about the depth spot as it helps a lot in your working.

This is a metallic or plastic rod that actually sits in side handle. You can set it to a certain length to check the depths of the different holes while using a rotary hammer.

General Precautions

  • Only skilled or professional persons should use this hammer.
  • Clear all the debris from your working area before using a rotary hammer.
  • Do not use this power tool at a place where there are the chances of explosive material.
  • Store this tool properly after use.
  • Try to avoid direct contact with its moving parts.

In short, a rotary hammer is an amazing power tool that makes your working quite easier. It is always important to know features of every rotary hammer drill for maximum performance.

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