How To Change A Drill Bit – Five Easy Steps

How To Change A Drill BitPower drills are one of the most frequently used tools my anyone who’ve to work on plasters, pipes, wood, metals and other kinds of surfaces. Carpentry, remodeling, plumbing, woodworking and so many of other works would require a drilling machine.

But what does drilling machine itself require to execute its task? Yeah, you guessed it right- it’s a drill bit. For drilling various surfaces, users have to equip the drilling machine with different kinds of drill bits. Also, this variation is imperative to create different kinds of holes on the surface as well.

But when it comes to changing these drill bits on the drill machine, many first-timers get into trouble. And making sure that you know the exact steps on how to change a drill bit, your workmanship can be taken one step forward. And that’s what we’re about to showcase here in this article. Let’s explore-

What is A Drill Bit?

What Is A Drill BitDrill bits are the cutting tools that spin clockwise to create holes on subjects. Rotating in the right direction, it would be used in fields like carpentry, woodworking, automotive works, repairing, remodeling and lot more.In terms of size and material, there are a number of variations of drill bits. Here is a glimpse.

Drill Bit Types

  1. Carbon steel.
  2. Cobalt steel.
  3. High Speed Steel.
  4. Solid Carbide.
  5. Tools steel with carbide tips.

Apart from the core material, a number of coatings are also applied on drill bits. Among them all, Black Oxide coating, Bronze Oxide coating and Titanium Nitride coatings are mentionable.

Steps on How To Change A Drill Bit

Below are the steps which makes up together the whole process of changing a drill bit-

Step 1: Loosen the chuck up

To hold the bit, a mechanism called the drill chuck is there. And to replace the current bit with a new one, you need to loosen it up. The process is to loosen the chuck is just about rotating it in a counterclockwise direction.With a firm pressure of your fingers, unroll the chuck up until you can take the older bit out.

Also, keep in mind to hold the trigger while holding the chuck. Once it’s done, it will open the jaws of the clamp that holds the bit.

Step 2: Take the bit out

Once you’ve loosened the chuck, you might see the drill bit wobbling. Once it’s done, you can simply hold the bit with your fingers and take it out.In case the drill bit had been used just now, don’t dare to hold it with bare fingers as it would be so hot in temperature.

In those cases, use gloves or so to protect your finger. Is possible, hold it up while it’s cold enough to do so.

Step 3: Take the new bit and set

Now, select the right drill bit size to put into the drill. Once you have got the right one, place the smooth part of the bit into the jaw of the drill. The smooth part is in fact, there one that would go inside the chuck.

Once you’ve got the smooth part of the bit inserted into the jaws of the chuck, insert the bit into the chuck and pull it back towards you. The length of pulling it back would not be more than one centimeter.

Step 4: Press the trigger

To tighten the position of the bit into its place, you need to give the trigger a few shots. This can be done by squeezing the trigger for 1 to 3 seconds.While doing this step, use your other hand to hold the chuck. This will help the bit to stay in its place. Another benefit of holding the bit and chuck is, it will help the bit to be installed straight.

Step 5: See if there is any ratcheting mechanism

Some of the brands of drill machines come up with a ratcheting mechanism installed into the drills. In those cases, you have to work on the ratcheting mechanism to make the drill bit even stronger.To come up with this ratcheting mechanism, you need to firmly twist the ratcheting to the shank of the drill bit.

Once you have heard the click sound, you will get that it’s on its place.To engage the ratcheting mechanism finally, firmly twist it next to the chuck. This twisting should take place in a clockwise motion.

Bottom Line

So, this was the most regular and easier method of how to change a drill bit by yourself. There is another minor method that involves using the chuck key. In case your drill driver comes with one, you can incorporate the chuck case to get it done.

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