What is 5cr15mov steel Full Details And knives Review

Knife is the first basic thing that you need in your kitchen before performing any cooking task. And definitely a good cutting knife is the first preference of every professional and common kitchen user. This is so because a good cutting knife makes your task really easy for you.

When we talk about great cutting knives, we come to know that knives made of 5Cr15MoV steel are the best. So first of all, we know that what is 5Cr15MoV stainless steel and its composition and then we will see that how good it is for kitchen knives.

This is basically a low-end steel that is quite famous in knife industry and it is regarded as a suitable stainless type for making knives for kitchen especially. This corrosion-resistant steel is an ideal choice for knives and its composition also makes it clear that why it is good for knives?

5cr15mov steel Composition Stainless Steel

  • This type of stainless steel is made of 0.5 % of carbon that makes it a great wear and tear and corrosion-resistant product.
  • 15% of chromium is added in its making. It enhances the edge retention and also the corrosion resistance.
  • 6 % of molybdenum increases the strength of this steel.
  • Use of 0.40 % manganese increases the hardness and 0.10 % vanadium improves the hardness of this type of stainless steel.

Now the question arises that is this 5Cr15MoV is good for knives or not? And the answer is of course, it is really good for making knives. The features that make it good for kitchen knives are as follow,

  • This is a low end steel that is highly durable in nature. It makes your investment really long-lasting.
  • It has a great resistance against corrosion. So people have no need to worry about wear and tear for many years.
  • It is really easy to sharpen its blade.
  • This is equally good for professional users and for the common kitchen users.

When you look into the market, you come to know that market is loaded with a variety of 5Cr15MoV stainless steel knives that are offering great service to their users. But here we are going to review the two good products that are truly worth praising and that need to be mentioned here. These are as follow,

5cr15mov Steel knives For kitchen


This is a great chef knife that is made of Pro German high quality stainless steel. This knife is perfect for multiple cutting tasks like you can use it to chop mint, peel butternut squash, slice carrots etc. This knife can be used for many more applications as it gives a clean cutting look and it makes it sure that no food will stick to the blade of this knife.


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High carbon stainless steel 5Cr15MoV is used to built the blade of this product that shows that how durable and efficient knife it is. This knife features a HRC of 55 to 57 that makes it stain and wear resistant. When we talk about its cutting feature, we come to know that it offers double sided cutting edge to the users.

You can equally use this knife from right or left hand. This is an ergonomically designed knife that provides comfortable grip to its users. Its wooden handle makes it sure that your hands do not get slipped off this knife during work. The weight of SHAN ZU Chef Knife 8 Inch is 7 ounces and the other dimensions of this knife are 13.46*1.77*0.08 inches.


  • Its 8 inch high quality carbon blade is great for multiple cutting applications.
  • Ergonomically designed product that helps to avoid fatigue during work.
  • Light in weight knife with the double sided cutting edge.
  • This is a Nitrogen cooled product. This process actually increases the strength of the blade and makes it more wear and rust resistant.
  • Its wooden handle provides comfortable grip to the users.
  • On HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale), it scores 57 that is nice.


  • Users complain that it needs to be sharpened after sometimes of use.
  • When compare its blade with other knives it feels a bit thin in size.

2. STEINBR܃KE Chef Knife 8 inch

STEINBR܃KE Chef Knife 8 inch is just an amazing kitchen knife. This high quality knife has been built with 5Cr15Mov. This high quality German stainless steel provides great precision in cutting. The blade of this knife is HRC58 tempered that makes it sure that the knife will maintain its sharp edge for a longer period of time. Its 8 inch length is worth praising as it is regarded as the most popular or famous chef knife size in the knife industry.

STEINBR܃KE Chef Knife 8 inch

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This great knife has been designed to handle all type of kitchen tasks without any trouble. Its blade full fills the standard of 100 percent hardness. It is really easy to slice, mince and chop and it really makes the kitchen tasks just a breeze for you. This is such an ergonomically designed knife that has a polished handle and it provide non-slip grip to its users.

Its triple riveted handle provides the enhanced control of user over this tool. This is an equally good knife for professional chefs and common kitchen workers. The weight of this high quality knife is 11.2 ounces. The other dimensions of this knife are 14.1*2.2*0.9 inches.


  • This is not a heavy knife so you can easily complete your lengthy cutting tasks without any fatigue.
  • It is equally good for professional chefs and common kitchen users.
  • Anti-slip grip allows you to hold this knife perfectly.
  • Precise cutting is the great feature of this knife.


  • Some users complain that the blade of this knife losses it sharpness after some time of use. But it is the opinion of some people. Overall it is a great cutting knife.

Buying guide for 5CR15MoV stainless steel knife

Whenever you visit a market to buy a 5CR15MoV stainless steel knife you must consider some important points before the actual buying. These are as follow,

  • Never buy a too heavy knife. This is so because a heavy knife will make your hands fatigued after some time of use. And in case of a heavy knife it becomes really hard to perform the lengthy cutting task. Size and weight of a knife really makes a great difference.
  • Whether you are a professional chef or a common kitchen user, you must check the blade of the knife. An easy to sharp blade and proper sized blade is always preferable.
  • Keep in mind your budget. If your budget is good then you can go for some expensive knives but if it is low then you can search some cheap 5Cr15MoV stainless steel knives for use.
  • Have some research before visiting the actual market. As market is loaded with the plenty of products so you can make some research at home to help yourself in the market.


In short the knives made of 5Cr15MoV stainless steel are great for cutting. It depends on your requirement and preference that what you are looking for yourself. So select wisely.

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