7cr17mov steel and Knives review – Is It really Good

Every industry is growing with the passage of time and same is the case with the knife industry. Every day new products with good steel are being introduced in the market to facilitate the life of people. The use of higher-end stainless steel and lower end stainless steel is quite common to make knives.

Among the higher end steel is the 7Cr17Mov steel that is an ideal material for not only survival knives but also it is used for making chef knives. Although this high end stainless steel is soft in nature when it is compared with other materials available in the market but it is an ideal one for making products.

Increase of vanadium element in the making of this steel can increase its toughness and hardness and it also makes it a wear-resistant product.

This Cr steel series actually originated from China and in terms of quality this is good steel. Another thing in a reasonable amount, this steel is available.

Common Uses

When we talk about the common uses of this type of stainless steel, we come to know that it is an ideal option for,

  • Budget knives
  • Hunting blades
  • Survival knives
  • Chef’s knives

People who want the most durable blades; they would definitely recommend the knives that are made of 7Cr17Mov material as it is the most durable element for budget .and hunting knives. Camping can be easy for you if you have the knives made of this blade.

Many people just make a choice of these knives because they are really price or budget-friendly. In a reasonable price, you can get a good knife that is often difficult in case of other knives that are made of high end material. So people prefer to buy these knives.

What Are The Pros And Cons of This 7Cr17Mov Steel?

There are some amazing pros of this 7Cr17Mov but a few cons too which are as follow,


  • It is really easy to sharp the blades that are made of this steel.
  • Blades made of this steel offer great edge retention.
  • This is less expensive.


  • This is a bit softer steel.
  • This is not incredibly premium.

Composition of this steel

When we look at the composition of this steel, we come to know that Carbon, Mo, Mn, P, S, Cr, Si are mainly used in the production of this type of steel. Now the question arises that whether it is good to make knives or not and the answer is yes.

It is an ideal choice for survival knives whereas it is a good choice for making chef knives. Among the variety of steel choices, this is the solid one for making blades. You can call it even an all-purpose knife and you can even use it for hard purposes.

This steel offers good edge retention but you cannot compare it with the very high-quality knives that are made of high quality steel. Although in market there are many good knives that offer 7Cr17Mov blade and they are good for working too but here we are going to review the just two knives that are accounted for their good response in the market.

They are really budget friendly and make your investment long lasting too. The reviews of these two products are as follow,

7cr17mov Stainless Steel Knives Review

1. Santoku Knife – Imarku 7 Inch Kitchen Knife Ultra Sharp

This classic Santoku knife has dual functions; it works as a vegetable cleaver and cook knife. It can be used for variety of purposes like cutting, dicing and chopping when we talk about its specifications; it’s quite practical and amazing.

Santoku Knife - Imarku 7 Inch Kitchen Knife Ultra Sharp

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Its length is 12 inches and blade width is 1.7 inches. On the other hand, its weight is 190 g and thickness is 2.3mm ±0.1mm.Its blade is made of 7CR17Mov steel. It has a comfortable handle shape which is particularly designed for excellent hand control while working for long hours and your arms will not be exhausted.

Its dimensions are 12 x 3 x 1 inches. There are 38 serrations on the blade.


  • These knifes are comfy and easy to use. No special effort is required for cutting and other jobs.
  • This is considered the best bread knife which is really amazing for soft bread. It cuts the bread smoothly without any shreds.
  • This slicer knife is very sharp; you do not need to sharp it.
  • This knife is available in a black box where it is settled perfectly in the six slots. If you want to gift it to someone, it can be wrapped beautifully and it will be the most practical home accessory for others.
  • Such a user friendly knife with a solid grip.


  • If you think, you can cut small bones comfortably with this knife; this is not a good idea. This is not designed for this purpose because it is not a cleaver knife.
  • It is not easy to sharp this knife at home as proper equipment is the basic requirement.

2. TITAN FORGE – Fillet Knife – 6″ – Pro Series Knives

TITAN FORGE is a premium quality fillet knife which is well appreciated due to its efficiency and high performance. This is the best tool to get the right job done professionally and personally. It is skillfully crafted and originated for cooks, slaughters and other culinary experts.

TITAN FORGE Fillet Knife

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This brand understands the needs of the consumers really well and designs the best knife tools accordingly. When we talk about its other specifications and features, it has a blade which offers some extra power and sturdiness, every single blade is composed of 7CR17MOV high-carbon steel and vacuum.

Moreover, it is heat resistant to 57 HRC and hand sharpened to 14 – 15 degrees per side giving you an amazing experience. On the other hand, its double-level edge makes its super convenient and you do not need to spend hours on its maintenance and serration.

A number of quality control tests are performed to bring some beautiful shine on this tool. Now, we talk about its handle, it provides cold, heat and moisture free grip. It is very common your hands get sweaty or wet when you have to work with knife for long hours but TITAN FORGE handle has solved this issue and you will never lose the control. 


  • When we compare this series with other models, we come to this conclusion that it is cost effective. It adds value to your money.
  • It has a full tang and higher HRC.
  • It is a light weight product with only 4.2 ounce.
  • It has an easy to clean blade which can be molded easily to stop unwanted food particles entering to your dishes which in terms of sanitary offers 100 % cleanliness standards.


  • Well Titan Forge knives are great for working so they have no such con that needs to be stated here.

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So these two reviews equally throw the light on the benefits and the effectiveness of the knives that are made of 7Cr17Mov stainless steel. So it actually depends on your needs and requirements that what are you looking for in a knife and what is the purpose behind buying a knife? But one thing is for sure that knives made of 7Cr17Mov steel are great for working and they will never disappoint you at any cost.

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