Every new day brings new competitors in the market and every brand tries its best to produce such products that distinguish this brand from the other brands. So same is the case with the air compressor industry. There are plenty of brands with the dozens of products and it is truly a hard task for a buyer to choose a single brand among so many ones. But for the guidance and knowledge of our readers, we will discuss some best air compressor for impact wrench. These are the tried and tested compressors that mark a good place in market. So these reviews will definitely prove very handy for you.

Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench Review

1. California Air Tools 8010A Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free

This is a light weight and quiet air compressor in comparison to the other models available in the market and in fact if we say, this is the quietest one, it would not be wrong at all. It works at just 60 db of noise level.

California Air Tools 8010A

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This product comes with a mighty 1.0 HP motor that has power to operate at 1680 RPM. The feature of oil-free pump system is just amazing as it enhances the productivity and performance of this product. California Air Tools 8010A is a light weight compressor as its weight is just 37.2 pounds. The other dimensions of this product are 24*13*21.9 inches.

This air compressor is available with a wheel kit so it is really convenient to transport this compressor anywhere. This is an ideal air compressor for the places where noise is considered as a major issue.


  • This air compressor is ultra light in weight.
  • It is known as the quietest air compressor in the compressor industry.
  • A powerful product that only works at 1680 RPM.
  • Oil-free system does not only enhance the feature of durability but also helps to avoid maintenance cost.
  • Its oil free pump makes it possible to use this product under the plenty of temperatures and you can even use this compressor in uneven land.


  • As this is a corded electric air compressor so some users complain that it is difficult to handle the wire sometimes.

2. DEWALT Air Compressor D55146

DEWALT Air Compressor is a great product that offers 225 PSI maximum tank storage pressure that is just awesome. This feature is amazing because it provides extra 80% utilizable air than the other models of this industry. When the primary tank charge of this air compressor is over or exhausted, it has an ability to recover with its 5.0 SCFM. And this recovery is done at 90 PSI.

DEWALT Air Compressor (D55146)

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DEWALT Air Compressor is a user-friendly product that is easy to store because of its collapsible handle and vertical stand feature. This is a quiet product that works at 78 dbA noise level and this is a suitable air compressor for low noise working environments.

The weight of DEWALT Air Compressor is 80 pounds. The other dimensions of this compressor are 33.5*23*15 inches. This air compressor comes with non-flat foam that is of 10inches so it becomes really convenient to move this compressor around your working site.


  • This is a quiet air compressor that works only at 78 DBA noise level.
  • Easily portable product around the jobsites.
  • Its high pressure motor is quite efficient.
  • This is a solidly build product that can bear wear and tear easily for a longer time.
  • Oil free feature greatly helps to save your maintenance cost.


  • You need to hold this air compressor at a certain direction like 45 degrees angle to drain it fully.

3. Briggs & Stratton 8-Gallon Air Compressor

Briggs & Stratton 8-Gallon is a great compressor that has been designed to perform different do-it-yourself and residential tasks. This is an ideal product for plenty of tasks like whether you are performing the tasks of finish nailing, impact wrench, framing nailing or it is an inflation job, it works really very well.

Briggs & Stratton 8-Gallon

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Briggs & Stratton 8-Gallon is a mighty product because it comes with a 1.5 HP induction motor and this motor can produce 3.8 CFM @ 90PSI that is really awesome. This production shows the performance of this air compressor. This air compressor comes with an oil free pump so it involves very less maintenance and makes your work hassle free.

Well this is a good product that is easy to carry everywhere due to its 2 rugged wheels. Collapsible handle greatly facilitates the mobility of this compressor. The weight of this air compressor is 50.7 pounds and the other dimensions of this product are 30*13*30 inches.


  • A great product with such a powerful induction motor makes your work a lot easier.
  • Collapsible handle with 2 rugged wheels makes it easy to carry this product to the other places.
  • Oil free pump system allows you to save your maintenance cost.
  • This is not a noisy product.
  • This is an ideal air compressor and people use it for multiple tasks.


  • Accessories and hose are not provided with this compressor so you need to buy them separately.

4. Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 air compressor offers a cast iron pump with the brilliantly designed piston and bore cylinder and these two elements greatly help to enhance the performance of this compressor. This is an efficient compressor with the fastest recovery time and it helps to save your time too. Its motor is very powerful. This 3.0 HP motor can produce 6.5 CFM @ 90 PSI and it really shows the strength and power of this compressor.

Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0

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Another worth mentioning feature of this air compressor is the durability. Its cast iron cylinder can withstand wear and tear easily and thus makes your investment long lasting. Its two rugged wheels greatly help to move this compressor around the jobsites. This air compressor offers a built in storage area that allows you to store different accessories and air fitting conveniently.

The weight of Makita MAC5200 is 88 pounds. The other dimensions of this air compressor are 29*19.5*19 inches. Makita MAC5200’s tank is of 5.2 gallons so it can easily maintain the working pressure of 140 PSI and it has an ability to deliver 40 PSI and 90 PSI that is really sufficient for the 2 nailers.


  • This is a very durable compressor as its piston and big bore cylinder has been designed to last longer.
  • Fastest recovery time makes this product very useful.
  • 0 HP motor is really powerful and it enhances the working of this compressor.
  • Rugged wheels really help to move this compressor around the job site.


  • This is a bit heavy compressor.
  • This is a noisy product.

5. Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Portable Air Compressor

18 V is the world’s largest tool system and Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless is an air compressor that is the part of this system too. This is a cordless air compressor and it is really easy to carry this air compressor anywhere.

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+

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This is an amazing product that can deliver air up to 120 PSI. So this is a perfect air compressor that can convert a pneumatic finish nailer into wireless finish nailer. This is also an ideal product for the roadside tire inflations. Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless air compressor works really fast and it just takes 1 minute and 20 seconds to inflate a totally flat tire of a car.

It has an ability to inflate 9 car tires once the battery is fully charged. This is such a light weight air compressor as the weight of this product is just 15.3 pounds. The other dimensions of this product are 15.8*12.7*11.3 inches.


  • As this is a cordless air compressor so the feature of portability is really very high.
  • A flat car tire can be refilled with air in just 1 minute and 20 second that is amazing.
  • This is not a heavy product so it is easy to carry it anywhere.
  • Rubberized handle facilitates the comfortable grip over this product.
  • You can set the pressure according to your requirements with the help of pressure locking regulator.


  • Charger and battery are not provided with this compressor so users need to buy them separately.

6. Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series 5000 Air Compressor

Well there are so many air compressors that are really very good but here you can not overlook the name of Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series. This is so because it is equally efficient and good for working like the other air compressors. This is an ultra quiet compressor that does not create a noise while working. This air compressor offers the feature of oil free system so it does not require much maintenance.

Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series

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Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series is known as an ideal product for contractors as it provides great performance with the lowest working noise and this combination is great. It is easy to perform outdoor and indoor operations with this compressor because the feature of mobility is really high. The weight of this product is 86.3 pounds and the other dimensions of this product are 20.1*32**20.1 inches.

Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series is a compressor that is positioned at the angle of 65 degrees so it is very convenient to follow the readings. This compressor is 4 times more durable than the other ones because of its low amp draw that is really appreciating.


  • Ultra quiet air compressor that makes your working noise free.
  • More durable product in comparison to other ones.
  • Oil free double piston pump allows you to save your maintenance cost.
  • Whether using indoors or outdoors, it works well.
  • Its slow RPM motor helps to reduce friction, heat and noise.
  • This is an ideal air compressor for contractors and for industrial users.


  • A bit pricey in comparison to the other available models.

Features To Consider in The Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench

As we discussed earlier that not every air compressor can be good for an impact wrench. Only a suitable one can help you in your work. So here we will consider the key features that are accounted for the air compressor for impact wrench. These are as follow,

Size of air compressor

Impact wrenches come with two standardized sizes. One is of ½ inches and the other is ¾ inches air impact wrench. When the sizes of these impact wrenches are different, it means that their air compressor requirements are also different. So there is a need of an air compressor that is compatible to these impact wrenches. ½ inch impact wrench would require an air compressor that can deliver 5 CFM @ 90 PSI.

This is the minimum rate and above this rate any compressor will be fine. In case of ¾ inch impact wrenches, 7CFM @ 90 PSI is the minimum requirement. So air compressor must be compatible of the impact wrench.


Well in case of some models of air compressors, lubrication is mandatory. But there are many products that do not demand this oil lubrication. So the people who want to save their time, they can consider this feature important for them. They can go for products that do not need lubrication.


This is another important feature that should be considered at the time of selecting the best air compressor for impact wrench. The air compressors that offer a high feature of portability are generally preferred. They can be easily transferred among the different job sites. A heavy air compressor is useful, if you have not to switch its place and have to put it in your garage. Otherwise heavier air compressor can cause you the issue of mobility.

Easy to install

This is also very important feature. An air compressor that is easy to install will definitely take less time and user will save their energy too in installing it. An air compressor that is difficult to install and whose procedure of installing is critical can be problematic for users. So this feature matters a lot for those whose work is of critical nature and they cannot afford to spend much time on its installation.

Air compressor duty cycle

Duty cycle of air compressor refers to the stated amount of time in which an air compressor works. This is also very important to consider while selecting the best air compressor for your wrench.

Over heating protection

There are many air compressors that give great protection against overheating. This feature is really important because in case of continuous use, air compressor may get hot or sometimes voltage fluctuates that causes the issue of overheating.

If an air compressor is protected against overheating, it will help to avoid any damage to your impact wrench and you may avoid any loss due to the overheating. So this feature should be considered at the time of buying.

How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Regulator

It is a matter of fact that if we do not adjust the air compressor pressure regulator properly, we cannot get the desired results from this product. For the proper functioning of this air tool, it is mandatory to adjust its pressure regulator accurately.

As the name of this tool indicates, it is a device that has been designed to regulate the pressure of the air compressor. So many people ask that how to adjust it. Well there are 9 easy steps that we will describe one by one for the knowledge of our readers.

  • First of all, you need to connect your air compressor properly and switch it on.
  • After switching it on, you have to wait till the air is filled properly in the tank of air compressor.
  • You have to make it sure that the tank is filled with air fully.
  • When the air pressure touches to the upper limit, you have to remove the air tool. At this stage, you need to check PSI. If the PSI remains higher than the air compressor then this tool cannot be used with your air compressor. On the other hand, if the pressure of air compressor remains higher than PSI then you can continue further.
  • When the air compressor is compatible with the PSI of the air tool then you are allowed to attach your air tool with hose and then connect the hose with your air compressor.
  • When the above mentioned tasks are performed successfully, you can start to adjust pressure regulator.
  • Now you have to locate your knob on pressure regulator. Generally, it is on the right side.
  • You will turn the knob clockwise to raise the pressure.
  • To increase the pressure you will turn the knob clockwise and if you want to reduce it, you will turn it anti-clockwise. And the job is done.
So these are the simple steps that can truly help you in adjusting the pressure regulator.

Final Words

Finally, we have learned about so many air compressors that are the best for impact wrenches. Definitely every product is unique in terms of functions and working from the rest of the tools. So here comes the matter of choice and needs of a user. It depends on a user that what he is actually looking for in a product. If you are thinking to use the impact wrenches for industrial use then the considerations will be different from those who are going to use it for a normal purpose. So once the needs are figured out properly then it becomes really easy to narrow the choices.

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