Best Electric Jack Hammer OF 2022 – REVIEWS, TOP PICKS & GUIDE

When it comes to choosing an best electric jack hammer specially for demolishing tasks, then it is always a pickle for commoners that which brand and model should they choose and it becomes a very overwhelming experience for many.

This is why, in this article below, we are going to mention some electric jack hammers available in the market so that it becomes easier for you to pick the right option according to your needs as every construction or building task first start with demolition and you need jack hammer for that.

Best Electric Jack Hammer Review

1. XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer

Well, the very first product on our list of best electric jack hammers is the XtremepowerUS 2200 Watt. This is one of the best jack hammers available in the market. It is a heavy duty 2200 watt jack hammer which is very much liked by users for its features because it boasts a variety of user friendly features. This is used for mostly demolition purposes when people want to start their building or construction work.

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer

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This is an anti vibrating tool which minimizes the vibrations of handle and hammer oberall while performing demolition tasks. Moreover, this electric jack hammer also features lock rotating chisel which allows you to work from a wide range of angles which makes job much easier. While hammering, as you need more control so its adjustable 360 degree foregrip helps a lot to finish your tasks. It comes with some extra accessories in the package which includes 2 x 16’’ chisels, goggles, protective gloves and hex wrenches.

This electric jack hammer is not only suitable for demolition tasks but you can also use it for chipping, trenching and breaking holes in brick, blocks, concrete, tile stucco, concrete slab and many more purposes. It can be used for both commercial and home projects. It has a voltage of 110v/60 HZ and delivers 1800 BPM for faster demolition. It accepts hex shank bits of 1-1/8 inches.


  • It is a good value for money.
  • This is one of the most popular models amongst users.
  • It has been built with high quality material.
  • It is easy to operate for demolition tasks.


  • It is usually recommended to rest this hammer for cooling down which slows down the progress of task.
  • It uses exclusive bits so it limits you when you are going for additional chisel attachments.

2. Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

This Neiko 02845A is another good quality jack hammer on our list. It has been engineered with helical gear system which enables this jack hammer to work very smoothly and efficiently and you can do your job quietly without excessive noise. This has a high performance motor with 11.3 amp which provides 1800 impact beats per minute and 45 joules force.

Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

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It has a very strong handle with non slip grip which also swivels at 360 degrees making it easy to hold hammer for longer hours. Its design is sand blasted with all metal which helps provide excessive resistance against any rust or decay which increases the life span of this product. There are few accessories which come with its package which includes 3 wrenches, four extra carbon brushes, two heavy duty chisels which are drop forged and heat treated (¼’’ 16’’ flat chisel and 16’’ point chisel), one oil container, work gloves and goggles.

This electric jack hammer is very powerful as it can break any hard materials such as brick, ground and concrete. This is one of the best jack hammers in market as it does not fail to deliver when it comes to performance and functionality. For transporting this tool to the working site in an easy manner, this product comes with a blow molded case which features rolling wheels enabling you to carry easily.


  • Its helical gear system provides a high performance motor.
  • It has full metal body which fights corrosion over time.
  • It is a durable product.


  • Its box has been made of cheap material.
  • You may need to tighten its bolts several times.

3. Makita HM1810X3 70 Lb. AVT Breaker Hammer

Another product on our list of best electric jack hammers is this Makita HM1810X3. It has a very powerful motor of 15 AMP which delivers 1100 BPM which enable this hammer to handle very challenging demolishing tasks easily.

For higher productivity, this hammer features anti vibration technology which internally counterbalances the system that minimizes the vibration. This technology also directs more impact energy towards the working site which makes it easier for users to work with great comfort.

Makita HM1810X3 70 Lb. AVT Breaker Hammer

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An LED power light has also been installed in this jack hammer which indicates that if there is a cord damage or switch failure happening. This Makita motor has been manufactured with steel laminations with interlocking features. Moreover, it also features copper commutator bars and double ball bearing armature therefore rising efficiency for energy transfer which increases tool’s life and give more power to complete the task.

For maximizing its life, automatic brush cut off has been featured in the original design which helps protect commutator from any likely damages, therefore increasing life of the tool. With only 107 db, it provides with minimum noise level in its class so you can work in a quiet atmosphere. For alternative power source, AC/DC switch has been incorporated in its design.


  • This is a construction grade jack hammer which is very much used for commercial purposes.
  • This is usually recommended for demo workers and contractors.
  • It is a very powerful product.


  • It is a pretty expensive product.
  • It is mostly recommended for commercial uses and not highly recommended for DIYers.

4. Mophorn 2200W Electric Demolition Hammer Heavy Duty

This is another great jack hammer. This Mophorn 2200W is an electric hammer which is very durable as it is a heavy duty product of 2200 Watt. It also provides 2000 RPM impact frequency. It features strong core technology which enables you to complete most demanding and challenging tasks.

Mophorn 2200W Electric Demolition Hammer Heavy Duty

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It features dual handle in its design. The front swivel handle works 360 degrees for all around application whereas rear handle is D-shaped and made of rubber which provides extreme comfort to users as it minimizes shocks and vibrations which does not let users’ hands to be fatigued. There are two chisels in the package which includes one flat and one bull point chisel which can be used for different purposes.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble this product. It clamps very firmly and never drops. The product has been insulated well which increases the durability and sturdiness of this product. There is also a protective lid which works as vent for quick heat dissipation. This is a multipurpose product which can be used for a variety of applications e.g. asphalt removal, breaking concrete, driving ground rods and also for trench work.


  • Its handle is very user friendly.
  • It is a powerful product.
  • It does not heat up quickly as there is a vent lid for heat dissipation.


  • It is a pretty heavy product.

5. F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Another great jack hammer on our list today is the F2C heavy duty hammer which is 2200 watt tool. This performs very well for demolition tasks. You must know before reading further that F2C stands for Factory to Consumer so this brand does not go to wholesalers and manufactures. its products for going straight to its consumers which helps in keeping the price very reasonable and a good product is available at more affordable rate for consumers.

F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

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As it is 2200 watt product with 1900 blows per minute and 55 impact joules so its powerful motor enables to demolish any hard surfaces. Its weight is 45 pounds. Although the motor do tend to get hotter after a while so it is recommended to give it some rest every now and then.

Its handle is made of plastic which has been manufactured considering the potential electric shocks that consumers may get while working but the rest of its body is made of metal. The package on the whole includes two chisels of 1 x 1/8’’ flat chisel and 1 x 1/8’’ bull point chisel, a case, goggles, mask and gloves.


  • It is an easy to operate hammer.
  • It is a quality product for consumers with tighter budgets.
  • It does not create a lot of noise.
  • Its body is made of metal which makes it a durable product.


  • The motor do tend to get hotter after a while so it is recommended to give it some rest every now and then.
  • Its handle needs a wrench for adjustment.

6. TR Industrial-Grade 4-Piece Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Another, one of the best electric jack hammers available in the market is TR Industrial-Grade 4-Piece. It is a very versatile and powerful product in our list. It can easily take on any task which is related to demolition. It is an efficient product which gives quick results.

TR Industrial-Grade 4-Piece

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As it has been manufactured with a cast iron and steel design so, it ensures a reliable and stable hammering experience. Its handle is a swivel 360 degree auxiliary handle so it provides a very versatile working and handling experience. For extra safety, its plug has been double insulated and it complies well with the UL safety guidelines. It has a strong electric motor of 1-3/4 HP 1240 Watt 120V which features 1400 RPM so there is minimum noise and vibrations while working.

This product comes with SDS bit chuck which includes 3 big Chrome-vanadium hardened steel chisels which are point, flat and scoop shovel. Weight of this jack hammer is 42 lbs and its dimensions are 30 x 14 x 7.5 inches. It comes in a strong storage case made of steel which keeps the product protected and transfer friendly.

This TR industrial jack hammer is recognized amongst people for its highest standards and that is why, it is a bit on expensive side as compared to other products but its entire metal design and powerful hammering motions make it one of the most liked jack hammers in market.


  • For overload protection, it features a double insulated plug.
  • It has big chrome vanadium hardened steel chisels.


  • It is a bit expensive product.
  • Chisels bits can stick.
  • Motor can heat up while working so it is recommended to rest it every now and then.

How to keep yourself safe while working with electric jack hammers

This is an important matter to address here before you even think about buying a jack hammer as flying debris can cause injuries or machine itself can harm you if you do not take proper steps to protect yourself. Most of the hammers come with in-built safety features like automatic shut off but there are following steps which as a user of an electric jack hammer you should take before using this tool to ensure maximum safety.

You must buy the following items separately before you start using a jack hammer or it is great if they are already included in the package of jack hammer as some companies do provide some of the below mentioned items for maximum safety of their users.

  1. Protective clothing: First of all, you should buy protective clothing so that chances of getting injured from flying debris can be minimized.
  1. Ear protection: Ear protection is very important as these machines can produce up to 100 decibel levels.
  1. Safety shoes: Steel toe capped shoes are best for these kind of conditions.
  1. Eye protection: Invest in strong and high quality safety goggles to avoid any danger to your eyes from flying debris.
  1. Gloves: Buy some shock absorbing safety gloves as they can effectively fight with the hammer vibrations while performing demolition tasks.

It is very important to invest in safety products as they will help avoid any harm to your body and ensure that you are in good shape to complete your tasks.

Buying guide of electric jack hammer

If you are planning to have an electric jack hammer but you are a bit nervous and do not know exactly that what are the points that you should consider at the time of buying then you are at a right place.

Let us discuss some main points that will help you to understand that what you should consider at the time of buying the best electric jack hammer.

  • The first thing that you should consider is the ease of use. A jack hammer that is not difficult for customers to understand its mechanism is always a right one. An electric jack hammer includes a motor that impels a piston that drives cushions of air to generate jack hammering motion. So you must consider its mechanism at the time of buying.
  • Another important point which cannot be ignored is that is it portable so you can easily carry it to anywhere or not? Is it compact and light weight? So if you want to use it for home projects, this is the most suitable option. It is best tool for light and small projects like if you want to recreate the interior of your house, choose electric hammer. Surely, they will be worth to your money.
  • Commonly, typical jackhammers create a lot of noise as compared to electric hammers. Electric hammers are quieter because they do not have an external compressor which is the main source of noise.So if you are allergic to noise then you should especially pay attention to the feature of quietness.
  • Last but not the least is the budget. Make the list of the products that come under your budget. This thing will help you to understand in a better way that which one is the suitable product for you remaining in your budget limits.


If you are a DIYer or a professional who wants to buy an electric jack hammer for mostly demolishing tasks then the above mentioned list of best electric jack hammers can help you greatly. We have mentioned all the features of nine best jack hammers that can help you with your demolishing tasks pretty quickly.

But before making any purchase, you must consider the nature of your task and understand that what kind of electric jack hammer will work best for you. DIYers do not need to buy very heavy hammers as they are usually needed by contractors and demo workers, so only invest in a jack hammer understanding your work requirements well as these tools go a long way due to their durability.

I am Richard Ervin, a professional mechanical engineer with a degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have been fortunate enough to have been raised in the world of engineering, thanks to my father who owned an electrical shop. Growing up, I spent many years in the shop and developed a passion for the field. This passion has driven me to pursue my education in Mechanical Engineering and specialize in the field.

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