Best Electrician Books For Beginners – Read Must

If you are an electrician or aspire to become one someday then you have arrived at the right place for information as in this below article, I am going to mention some very good electrician books for beginners which you can read and get great amount of knowledge about becoming an electrician.

Even if you don’t want to be an electrician or choose this as a profession you can get related knowledge from the following books so that you can learn the basics and apply them in your personal life to do personal stuff in a professional way. So, let’s get started and have a look on the list of electrician books for beginners.

Best Electrician Books For Beginners

1. Ugly’s Electrical References, 2020 Edition 6th Edition

This book has been written by Charles R. Miller, who delivers lectures and conducts seminars on different aspects of electrical engineering. He is renowned for its famous text book which is titled as Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code. Ugly’s Electrical References, 2020 Edition has been well appreciated all around the globe as the best job reference tool.

Ugly’s Electrical References

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It is published in English language. All the professionals who belong to electrical industry take help from this book and keep themselves updated with all the changes that are taking place in the electrical sector. This book includes various topics like current NEC codes, mathematical formulas, conduit bending guide, conduit fill information, and ampacity, NEMA wiring configurations, modifying table information, transformer, conversion tables and circuit wiring diagrams.

The most important question that comes to your mind is: why this book is important for electricians? The answer is very simple; many new features are added in this edition to give a broader vision of all those changes that took place in National Electrical Code in 2020.

Following topics are discussed deeply like o Junction Box size calculations o Selecting, using multimeters to measure voltage, testing, current o Selecting, resistance, testing, and using a clamp-on ammeter to measure current o Selecting etc.

2. Ultimate Guide: Wiring, 8th Updated Edition

Basically, this 8th updated edition deals with the most interesting topic that is wiring. This ultimate guide exposes residential electrical system with simple language. It is written in English. Moreover, step by step photography and detailed graphics make it easy for everyone on how to deal with different wiring techniques.

Wiring, 8th Updated Edition

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You can easily learn how to make common electrical repairs without calling any technician. This interesting book includes multiple topics and teaches how to choose the appropriate wires, cables and other apparatus. In addition, it also explains how to run wiring through floors and walls smoothly. Different projects are mentioned in detail which helps you to understand how to install switches, lights, electrical items and receptacles.

On the other hand, this book also provides guideline regarding exterior lighting including low voltage and security system which can be a great support to light up the exterior areas around your house. As far as, this edition is concerned, it is updated with all the current information taken from TVs to 3 ways switches that is the basic requirement of the National Electric code. If you go through this book, it will direct you how to save money by installing different electrical appliances at your own.

3. Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Electrical Exam Preparation

Mike Holt’s textbook has been particularly designed to help thousands of students to get prepared for electrical exams. The most interesting thing about this helping book is that all the sketches are colorful which help you to understand everything that is the basic requirement for appropriate calculations.

Mike Holt's Illustrated Guide

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Moreover, it assists you to review the theory section that you will face on your exams. This book caters all your classroom or individual needs. On the other hand, it provides sufficient material to test your knowledge in each field. The main purpose to create this book is to ensure your success ratio. This book covers many topics and throws light on multiple questions.

It gives a detailed overview of electrical calculations; you can solve the problematic questions by following the step by step guide of instructions. When you go through all the material, at the end of every section, few questions are given; these questions are a great source of learning as they will prepare you for your real exams.

Almost one thousand questions are added in this guide to enhance your knowledge regarding national electrical code. Another feature which cannot be ignored is its answer key, yes; you can easily match the answers of different questions.

4. 2017 Journeyman Electrician Exam Questions and Study Guide 1st Edition

Basically, 2017 Journeyman is a study guide which deals all the questions related to electrical exams. This book has been written by Ray Holder who has spent more than 40 years in electrical industry. This book is written in simple English. Why this guide? This is the most important question that comes across your mind, answer is very obvious.

Journeyman Electrician Exam Questions and Study Guide

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This book offers 2 Final Closed Book Exams and 12 practice open Book Exams. If you go through this book in detail, you will get to know that it throws light on all those topics that are usually added in all journeyman exams like voltage drop, transformer, conductor sizing and protection, commercial and residential load calculations, over-current protection.

The text includes the most commonly used calculations and formulas that every student needs to understand who wants to pass the journeyman exams. This book is well appreciated due to its updated information regarding national electrical codes.

Most of the students prefer this book due to its appropriate calculations and the way; it helps them to figure out the answer of different questions. All the calculations are explained with short examples and various practice tests are given at the end of each section to test your knowledge.

5. Electrical Level 1 Trainee Guide 9th Edition

Here, we will talk about 9th edition of Electrical Level 1 and discuss its features in detail. Basically, it is a trainee guide which covers all the technical tips, hits and opinions from industry professionals. It is well written and a great source of learning for all those who want to be an electrician.

Electrical Level 1 Trainee Guide 9th Edition

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It deals with variety of aspects related to electrical sector which makes this book more admirable. Mostly students prefer this book for its authenticity. Moreover, it gives you a chance to review your questions. Let us discuss some of its key contents which provide a detailed overview of this book.

It guides on how you can keep yourself protected from being hurt while working with electricity. It talks about many other topics like Electrical Theory, Introduction to the National Electrical Code, Hand Bending, Device Boxes, Conductors and Cables, Raceways and Fittings, Residential Electrical Services, Electrical Test Equipment and Basic Electrical Construction Drawings. As far as, its language is concerned, it is written in simple English. You can easily go through this book without any language barrier.


We hope that aforementioned electrician books for beginners will give you plenty of information about how to complete all electrical tasks and how things work. Make sure that you give a good read to these books for in depth information which can be very helpful for you in your career especially as a beginner.

These guides are known to help beginners in passing their exams and have all related questions and answers related to the industry.

I am Richard Ervin, a professional mechanical engineer with a degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have been fortunate enough to have been raised in the world of engineering, thanks to my father who owned an electrical shop. Growing up, I spent many years in the shop and developed a passion for the field. This passion has driven me to pursue my education in Mechanical Engineering and specialize in the field.

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