How To Use a Power Drill? – Basic Guide for power tools

How To Use a Power DrillPower drill is a very handy tool that helps its users to perform multiple tasks. In actual there is an electrical motor in the power drill that spins a replaceable drill bit and creates a hole in plastic, wood or metal. Users can also install screwdriver tip with the help of power drill to turn the screws.

Corded and cordless both types of power drills are available in the market that provides excellent performance. Corded power drills work with the help of 110-volt electrical cord whereas cordless drills work with the help of a battery. Here we will share not only the basic information but also the information about the key elements of a power drill that will provide you a proper understanding about how to use a power drill.

 How To Use A Power Drill – simple guide

1. The Basics: The basic thing that you need to know before using a power drill is its forward and reverse switch. Every power drill offers this feature. It is mostly located above the trigger.

Once the task of drilling is accomplished, you can set the bit counter clockwise to reverse this drill. In this way, power drill will come out easily and quickly. Reverse mode can be used to remove fasteners and screws too.

There is an on-board bit holder that allows access of all types of bits during work thus it saves time of users and helps to avoid hassle during your projects. In some power drills, there is the feature of built-in LED lights.

While using a power drill, users can illuminate the working surface with the help of LED light. So it is possible to continue your working project even in the darkness.

2. Speed control: You must have a control over speed while using the power drill. In some power drills, there is only a trigger to control the speed and this type of power drill is suitable for simple projects like to fix your routine drilling issues. power drill speed controlBut in case of diverse drilling projects, a multi speed power drill is used. But keep in mind that while drilling small holes, you should use the high speed whereas high-torque drilling work requires low speed for drilling.

3. Clutch: Clutch is also known as a Torque adjustment collar and you must take care of it while using a power drill. Every drill or driver features a clutch that offers automatic or a manual mechanism.If you are a beginner and using the power drill for the very first time then a power drill with automatic clutch mechanism is appropriate for you.

power drill Clutch

This is so because you have no need to adjust the right amount of torque and you can freely perform your task and automatic system will adjust the clutch itself. In some manual power drills, there is a number dial that also helps to adjust torque easily.

Use less torque when the material is soft and if you are doing a simple drilling job then set the clutch on drill mode and complete your task.

4. Chuck: After clutch, chuck is the most important part of a power drill because it holds bits at its place. There are some common chuck sizes like ¾ inch, 3/8 inch and ½ inch. So according to the chuck size, a bit is inserted in a power drill. Chuck is basically a 3 point clamp that holds the bit tightly in its place.

Some power drills come with a key that is used to tighten the chuck and in case of a keyless drill, you have to perform this task with your hand. So before using the power drill, make it sure that the power drill chuck is fully tight.

power drill ChuckPower drills are an amazing tool when they are compared with the hand tools. They are more powerful and they facilitate the quicker completion of projects. But these power drills have some pitfalls which are as follow:

  • Remember you can make a hole big but you cannot make it small at any cost. If you are not sure to which bit size is appropriate then use the smallest bit to avoid any damage.
  • Use eye protection while working with a power drill otherwise you may get your eyes hurt.
  • Never pretend to poke your friends with a power tool. It can be fatal as power drills may hurt them for real and your fun can cause harm to others.
  • Think wisely and then apply adequate amount of torque. Haste can waste your hard work.

In short, it is quite easy to use a power drill if you know about its basic and essential parts and their working. Power drill makes your work easy and you can perform multiple tasks like hanging blinds to fixing shelves etc. with the help of this amazing product. It makes your work easier and saves your time and energy too.

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